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Canadians May Be Eligible to Recover Damages From Ford for Defective Diesel Engines

Regina, January 10, 2021—

Our class actions team here at Merchant Law Group LLP have sued Ford Motor Company for Canadians who have previously owned or leased, a 2011 to 2017 model year Ford vehicle with a diesel engine equipped with a defective CP4 Fuel Pump. Specifically, the firm has launched class action proceedings on behalf of Canadians who own or lease, or have previously owned or leased, a model year 2011 to 2017 Ford F-250 or F-350 with a 6.7L Power Stroke Diesel engine.


The class action asserts that the above mentioned vehicles were equipped with a defective CP4 Fuel Pump that is incompatible with North American diesel fuel. This leads to problematic issues with the Ford vehicles. Amongst other things, it appears to be related to premature and catastrophic engine failure. Anyone who buys a new car or truck would expect it to be good to go. You don’t want to find out that after only a short time, the car is basically busted and you then need to reach into your own pocket to fix problems that in fact are the responsibility of the vehicle manufacturer, namely The Ford Motor Company of Canada.


The class action which is next in court January 18-20, 2021 further alleges that any producer of consumer products, including Ford, has a duty to ensure that the product sold is of a merchantable quality and free from latent and patent defects. Our class action team will advise the court that it is completely outrageous and illegal for Ford Motors to sell defective vehicles at substantial cost and then expect consumers to have to spend more money, even while their vehicles are under warranty, to fix defective car parts which Ford knew, or reasonably should have known, would malfunction and were not of a merchantable quality, free from latent and patent defects.


The class action seeks compensation for affected Ford diesel vehicle owners or lessees so that repairs are made at Ford’s cost and not the cost of consumers.


How do class actions differ from suing individually?

Ford Motors and other large multinational companies can often get away with unfair business practices against individual consumers because one person by themself probably won’t take large corporations to court individually. If you think about it, just to hire a lawyer and launch a case in court is going to cost tens of thousands. Going to trial can easily run in the hundreds of thousands in legal costs. You would be taking on the staff lawyers of Ford and be met with all their “scorch the earth” fury. A rational person would just bite their lip and pay to fix their vehicle.


From the perspective of the Ford Motors executives, they might well be thinking that they cannot afford to take the risk that someone actually proves in court that Ford sold defective vehicles and refused to make good. The domino effect could conceivably result in Ford having to (1) fix a bunch of cars and trucks at their expense, as well as (2) be required to provide non-defective products in the future, go figure! Their sales might go down. Their stock value could plummet.


The way a class action works is that hundreds if not thousands of people who have a claim can join together so that as a class the same common issues can be litigated once and for all. In this case everyone who has any problem with their Ford diesel engine would be well advised to simply give their details on our class action sign up form here. Strength in numbers, our class actions law firm will take Ford Motor Co to task on this. There is no risk to you by signing up.


How can I join the Ford Diesel Class Action?

If you believe you may be affected and wish to learn more or to be kept advised of the status of this matter and any resulting compensation program, you are encouraged to contact Merchant Law Group LLP at 888-567-7777, by email at, or by visiting



Why Merchant Law?

Merchant Law Group LLP has offices throughout Canada in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Surrey, and is acknowledged as one of the premier firms in the areas of personal injury and class litigation. Our firm has recovered more than a billion dollars in damage awards on behalf of class members.


We hope to similarly succeed on behalf of those affected by Ford’s failures here to provide cars and trucks that are suitable and free from defects. Nobody is perfect, but when a company like Ford has a problem with their vehicles, the right thing to do would be to say “hands up, our fault, we will fix this at our cost”, particularly when still on warranty. They have not done that, just the opposite, so now the lawyers are stepping in to try to help Ford vehicle owners.


Fighting a company like Ford is no small undertaking. Our determined class actions team feels strongly about the duties owed by large multinational corporations like Ford, who should not be able to run roughshod over consumer rights. Our lawyers will work hard and hope to persevere with the case against Ford. Although frankly given the deep pockets of Ford Motor Co. and their apparent intent to fight this legal battle tooth and nail, our lawyers certainly will have their work cut out for them!

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Donald became the Executive Director of Merchant Law Group LLP starting in 1993, nearly 30 years ago. His experience managing law firms at various levels and in multiple provinces across Canada goes back even further to 1981.

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