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Child Welfare Recovery Class Action

1 – If you are receiving support from your Department of Social Services, 2 – you are receiving child support from the other parent, and 3 – your payments from the government are being reduced because of the child support, Merchant Law may be able to recover that deducted money for you going back some years.

Please contact Tony Merchant by telephone at 306-539-7777 without obligation or without obligation provide your name and other information on our website so that Merchant Law may investigate further whether recovery can be made for you and others in your situation.

Individuals receiving child support may be able to recover from the government for money deducted in social services payments.  Departments of Social Services, sometimes named Child and  Family Services Department or by various names, deduct from the payment to families, child support payments that have been received. This practice occurred everywhere in Canada until a few years ago.

This is unfair and improper. This support is intended for the support of the children.

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