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Nissan Continuously Variable Transmissions Class Action (“Nissan CVTs”)

December 2021 Update: A Proposed Settlement for the Nissan CVT Transmission Class Action  (excluding Quebec residents) has been reached with the defendants, and a court-approved Notice of the same Proposed Settlement is below in PDF. The same Notice summarizes a Class Action Settlement which (if approved by the Court) will affect your legal rights if you are a Class Member. 


Long Form Notice PDF // Short Form Notice PDF – Notice of Proposed Class Action Settlement [also available at]


[Francophone notice: Si vous souhaitez consulter le même Avis en français, la version française du même Avis peut être consultée à]


Please take note of the following information from our law firm.  If the Nissan CVT class action settlement is approved by the Court in March 2022, thereafter “eligible class members” under the terms of the Nissan CVT class action settlement, will then have the opportunity to apply for individual compensation (in approximately May 2022).


You will have to fill-out and submit a court-approved CLAIM FORM at that time, which the Settlement Administrator will review in order to determine your eligibility for compensation.  Such a CLAIM FORM does not currently exist and will only be published if the Nissan CVT class action is approved by the Court. 


The Settlement Administrator’s Office has established a website to assist people in understanding the terms of this proposed class action settlement, including providing an FAQ section.  Please visit that website now at


Please check their website every six weeks for any future updates that are posted online by the Settlement Administrator’s Office. 

Please note: The information provided on this website is Not Legal Advice. The information may or may not be accurate. The information is for discussion purposes only. Reliance upon any information provided would not be grounds to advance a claim against Merchant Law for providing any advice. In order to get a formal legal opinion upon which you may rely about any specific fact scenario, you would have to first retain the services of a lawyer and request a formal legal opinion.