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Nissan Continuously Variable Transmissions Class Action (“Nissan CVTs”)

June 2022 Update:

The Canadian Nissan CVT Transmission Class Action settlement (excluding Quebec residents) has been approved by the Court.   The below is general information.


Please note that if you are eligible for a free extended warranty service repair for your vehicle, you need to contact your local Nissan dealer directly to schedule a service appointment or to make arrangements for an extended warranty repair.


In order to seek reimbursement compensation or a voucher from this class action settlement, you must submit a Claim Form directly to the Claims Administrator’s Office for this settlement, via on a timely basis and before the deadline.


Please check the claim administrator’s website at for “CLAIM NOW blue button” to submit your individual Claim Form. 


Please note that you are solely responsible to submit a completed Claim Form on a timely basis.  It is the role of the claims administrator’s office to assess individual Claim Forms submitted to their office. 


You must take appropriate steps to seek any individual benefits/compensation on your own.  For the benefit of clarity, my law office cannot complete nor submit a Claim Form on your behalf.


Please direct any questions regarding the claim form process to the Claims Administrator’s Office via or consult the FAQs at  If you need to speak with their office, the Claims Administrator’s Office support line is 1-888-890-6624


Please do NOT mail any records or forms to our law office.  It is not the role of my law firm to determine which vehicle owners may or may not qualify for benefits under this class action settlement.   Instead you need to complete the claim form process via the above website. Please do so promptly and before your deadline.


[Francophone notice: SVP consulter l’Avis à]


Please check their website every six weeks for any future updates that are posted online by the Settlement Administrator’s Office. 

Please note: The information provided on this website is Not Legal Advice. The information may or may not be accurate. The information is for discussion purposes only. Reliance upon any information provided would not be grounds to advance a claim against Merchant Law for providing any advice. In order to get a formal legal opinion upon which you may rely about any specific fact scenario, you would have to first retain the services of a lawyer and request a formal legal opinion.