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OxyContin Class Action

2018 — Class action lawyers have reached a proposed Canada-wide settlement with the manufacturers of OxyContin® and OxyNEO®, to provide potential financial compensation options to individuals who have used the concerned prescription drugs (OxyContin® tablets and/or OxyNEO® tablets) and meet certain criteria to qualify for compensation.

Proposed Canadian Class Action Settlement – please see details of the proposed national settlement agreement  for qualifying legal prescription users of OxyContin and OxyNeo in Canada (which has not yet been approved by the Canadian Courts).  The same Canadian OxyContin/OxyNeo Class Action Settlement has not yet been implemented.

The OxyNEO / OxyContin proposed class action settlement cannot take effect unless approved by the Canadian Courts.  If this Canada-wide settlement is approved by the Courts, individuals who fall within the following “Class” definition, may be eligible to apply for individual compensation from the settlement fund:

  • (i) All persons (including their estates) who at any time between January 1, 1996 and February 28, 2017 inclusive, were prescribed and ingested OxyContin® tablets and/or OxyNEO® tablets in Canada; or
  • (ii) All persons who by virtue of a family relationship to a Class Member have a derivative claim under any derivative claim statute as a result of the death or personal injury of that class member.

Currently, the individual Claim Form process does not yet exist and no steps can to be taken by individuals wishing to apply for class action compensation at this time.

Class action litigation updates will be posted to this website AND you are encouraged to check for updates every two months.

*** Please note, the OxyNEO / OxyContin proposed class action settlement only provides for potential financial compensation options to individuals who were legally prescribed OxyNEO or OxyContin.  Our law firm is not pursuing any litigation regarding market black or street sales of these drugs.  Also, no litigation is being pursued regarding the use or side effects of oxycodone. ***

For more information regarding the upcoming Claim Form Individual Claims Process, please send an e-mail to with your full contact information and one of our lawyers will contact you.  Please also provide by email the details of: when you were prescribed OxyContin or OxyNeo; how long you were on that prescription; and the resulting impact your OxyContin addiction had on your work and personal life.


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