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Free Bee Gas/Ashley Furniture

A Canadian class action settlement has been reached in regards to this litigation. In order to seek compensation, you must submit your Proof of Claim form by no later than December 31, 2010, either:

  • via the Settlement Administrator’s website,
  • by calling 1 (866) 881-8307, or,
  • by mailing a Proof of Claim form to the USA address of the Settlement Administrator, which is provided at the above website.

Please note that you have NOT applied for compensation or completed a Proof of Claim form by having previously provided your contact information at our law firm’s website.

In order to submit a Proof of Claim form, you must go to the Settlement Administrator’s website and complete the Proof of Claim form, which is located at, or call their office at 1 (866) 881-8307.

Our law firm is not the Administrator for this class action settlement (and our offices cannot accept Proof of Claim forms). If you have any questions about seeking compensation or the process, please call 1 (866) 881-8307.

Important: NO EXTENSIONS OF THE DEADLINE OF DECEMBER 31, 2010, WILL BE PERMITTED. Failure to submit a fully completed Proof of Claim on a timely basis will result in the denial of your Claim for compensation.

The above is only summary information. To review a copy of the official Settlement Notice, please see:

Please note: The information provided on this website is Not Legal Advice. The information may or may not be accurate. The information is for discussion purposes only. Reliance upon any information provided would not be grounds to advance a claim against Merchant Law for providing any advice. In order to get a formal legal opinion upon which you may rely about any specific fact scenario, you would have to first retain the services of a lawyer and request a formal legal opinion. For actual legal advice, please call our offices for a free initial consultation, to see if we may assist you. Thank you.