RCMP Sexual harassment / Assault Class Action Settlement

written by:            Linh Pham, Barrister & Solicitor

contact:                 Linh@merchantlaw.com

A court has approved a settlement that could see thousands of Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers share millions in compensation for gender discrimination and sexual harassment at work.

In her decision, Justice Ann Marie McDonald said the “harassment and discrimination impacted their careers within the RCMP and caused them to suffer physical and psychological damage, personal expense, and lose of income.”

Current and former RCMP officers and civilian staff will receive $10,000 to $220,000 each for various degrees of abuse suffered:


Level 1 — $10,000

Culpable conduct includes: sexualized comments and jokes, inappropriate questioning regarding complainant’s personal life.

Effect on victim includes: anxiety, loss of self-esteem, feelings of discomfort.


Level 2 — $35,000

Culpable conduct includes: exposure to pornography, bullying, simulating sexual intercourse or masturbation, sexual touching.

Effect on victim includes: physical wound, loss of confidence in others, panic attacks, feelings of rage.


Level 3 — $70,000

Culpable conduct includes: gender-based putdowns, persistent kissing or touching, exposure of genitals to complainant, persistent exposure to pornography.

Effect on victim includes: severe anxiety, mild drug or alcohol abuse, loss of desire to communicate feelings of love or desire.


Level 4 — $100,000

Culpable conduct includes: touching of complainant’s genitals, forcing oneself on victim physically, exposure to violent pornography.

Effect on victim includes: severe stress affecting health, post-traumatic stress, drug or alcohol abuse, absenteeism.


Level 5 — $150,000

Culpable conduct includes: persistent intimidation, bullying or aggression, forcing complainant to perform non-penetrative sex acts, assigning menial tasks.

Effect on victim includes: obsessional tendencies, suicidal thoughts, wound leaving a permanent mark.


Level 6 — $220,000

Culpable conduct includes: forcing complainant to engage in penetrative sex acts, acts to denigrate and affect career development, acts meant to cause emotional stress.

Effect on victim: chronic psychiatric condition, personality problems, severe post-traumatic stress.


Our team of experienced lawyers currently represents many individuals who were sexually harassed, assaulted, or discriminated against while working with the RCMP.  Your case matters to us.

If you were a civilian member or RCMP officer at any time since 1974 and were a victim of serious sexual harassment or assault, please complete the sign-up form below, and we will contact you shortly.




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