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Aboriginal Adoption Class Action / 60’s Scoop Class Action


60’s Scoop Class Action –

Merchant Law Group LLP is pursuing national Sixties Scoop class action litigation against the government seeking compensation on behalf of Indigenous Canadians who were taken from their families and adopted out to white families as part of the so-called Adopt Indian Metis program.

In February 2017, the Trudeau Government announced that the government wishes to pursue negotiations towards a national settlement of the 60’s Scoop litigation. Merchant Law Group launched 60’s Scoop class action litigation in 2009 and our law firm is one of the firms in negotiations with the government to pursue a negotiated settlement.

2018 Update

LONG FORM COURT NOTICE PDF  –  which is also available on the proposed Settlement Administrator’s website: Sixties Scoop Settlement

Merchant Law Group LLP continues to pursue ongoing 60s Scoop class action litigation before the Courts against several provincial governments on behalf of Indian, First Nations, Métis and other Aboriginal persons who were taken as children from their families and placed for adoption in non-Aboriginal homes.   If successful, that litigation against provincial governments may result in further compensation being paid to Sixties Scoop Survivors who qualify under the terms of those class actions.

If you wish to be kept informed on the status of these cases before the Courts and negotiations with the federal government, please join our contact list regarding the Sixties Scoop program (also known as the Lost Girls/Lost Boys class action), by completing the form below. Please note, filling out the form below creates no financial obligation for you.

IF YOU WISH TO JOIN THE CONTACT LIST REGARDING THIS CLASS ACTION, PLEASE COMPLETE THE BELOW FORM. (Please note, providing your contact information creates no lawyer-client relationship or financial obligation. You are not charged any fee or cost for joining the contact list for this class action – our law firm would likely paid a contingency fee from the compensation recovered, if this class action is successful.)