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Manulife Financial Class Action


UPDATE: September 2015

The motion for authorization of Jean-Pierre Leroux vs. La Compagnie d’assurance-vie manufacturers et al. (file number 500-06-000661-138), previously filed in the Superior Court of Québec, was discontinued on September 22, 2015. However, proposed class actions filed in other provinces are being litigated and may possibly result in compensation options for Québec residents, if the litigation is successful.

La requête en autorisation préalablement déposée à la Cour Supérieure du Québec au nom de Jean-Pierre Leroux c. La Compagnie d’assurance-vie manufacturers et al., (numéro 500-06-000661-138), a fait l’objet d’un désistement en date du 22 septembre, 2015. Cependant, des recours proposés dans d’autres provinces canadiennes sont toujours actifs et pourraient offrir certaines possibilités d’indemnisation pour les résidents du Québec, si ces recours s’avèrent fructueux.

Canada-Wide Class Action Launched Against MANULIFE FINANCIAL Corporation, Benesure Canada Inc., Davis + Henderson Limited Partnership, and Related Parties for Mortgage Credit Protection Insurance Products


September, 2013 – Merchant Law Group LLP has launched nation-wide class action litigation against Manulife Financial, Benesure, and Dave + Henderson seeking compensation for all Canadians who paid for “Mortgage Protection Plan” or “Credit Security Plan” products.

This class action asserts that Canadians were misled by Manulife Financial, Benesure Insurance, Dave + Henderson and related parties into purchasing products purporting to provide mortgage credit protection.

Please note, filling out the form below creates no financial obligation for you and does not make you a client of our law firm. If you are a member of the class, you will have to complete an official Claim Form in the future, if you are potentially entitled to receive any compensation. Please check this webpage on a monthly basis for any updates.

Please note, filling out the form below creates no financial obligation for you.

IF YOU WISH TO JOIN THE CONTACT LIST FOR THIS CLASS ACTION, PLEASE COMPLETE THE BELOW FORM. (Please note, providing your information creates no financial obligation for you. You are not charged any fee or cost for joining this class action – we are paid a contingency and/or class counsel fee from the compensation recovered, if successful.)

Merchant Law Group LLP has 10 offices across Canada, with lawyers practising law in six provinces. Merchant Law Group LLP and Tony Merchant Q.C. are well known for pursuing class action lawsuits in Canada including litigation regarding Winners/HomeSense, Various Cellular Phone Fees, BCE Dividends, GM Gasket Manifolds, Hip Implants, Lead Paint in Toys (and similar consumer products), Maple Leaf, Celebrex/Bextra, Vioxx, Sony, Residential Schools and various other cases. Tony Merchant, Q.C. is known to be one of Canada’s most active litigators with more than 600 reported cases in leading Caselaw Journals, having argued thousands of cases before the Canadian and American Courts, in Trial and Administrative Courts, and the Courts of Appeal of various American and Canadian jurisdictions, the Federal Court of Canada, and the Supreme Court of Canada. Tony Merchant, Q.C., has a long history in pursuing public policy cases and is a former Member of the Legislative Assembly (M.L.A.)

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