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Join the Stork Craft Crib Class Action to Get Justice for Your Child
A wrongful death class action for the parents of children killed by faulty Stork Craft cribs. 

When you purchase baby supplies you trust that they'll be safe, nurturing purchases for your baby. The last thing you expect is that tragedy will strike because a manufacturer failed to do as they should.

Yet that's exactly what happened with Stork Craft cribs, when shoddy manufacturing led to cribs which allowed children to suffocate when they rolled to the side of the mattress, pushing out the drop side of the crib and creating a space large where they'd fall in and suffocate.

The cribs were recalled, but that brings little solace to the families of children who have already been killed by this poor workmanship. We are pursuing refunds for the cribs and damages against the manufacturer for deaths and injuries directly attributed to the use of the crib.

It's time to seek justice. Join the Canadian Stork Craft Crib class action today.



What types of cribs are covered by the class action suit?

This class action suit applies to drop-side cribs with a plastic trigger and one-hand-system drop-side hardware. It covers all applicable models made by the Stork Craft company.


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