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Military Sexual Harassment Class Action/Action collective Harcèlement sexuel et inconduite sexuelle dans l’armée canadienne


Please note that any individuals wishing to seek compensation in regards to the above Canada-wide class action settlement, must sign and submit a formal ‘claim form’ pursuant to the procedure explained on the above website (which is operated by the Claims Administrator).

Our law offices are not involved in the individual claims process and cannot assist any potential claimant with submitting his or her individual ‘claim form’.  The process is intended to be confidential.

The Deadline to Submit an individual ‘Claim Form’ to Epiq Class Action Services Canada Inc. is September 25, 2021.


500-06-000912-184 – désistement

L’action collective déposée par notre bureau au Québec a été suspendue au profit d’une autre action nommée Tessier dans le district judiciaire de Québec. En raison d’une entente de règlement dans l’autre dossier nous devons présenter un désistement de notre action pour que tout membre potentiel du groupe soit inclus au règlement. Visitez le site suivant pour vous informez sur le règlement:

The class action filed by our office in Quebec has been suspended in favor of another action called Tessier in the judicial district of Quebec. Due to a settlement agreement in the other case we have to discontinue our action so that any potential member of the group is included. Visit the following site to find out about the settlement:

Please take the steps required pursuant the information provided at and contact their office with any questions at:


Claims Administrator

Epiq Class Action Services Canada Inc.
Attention: CAF-DND Sexual Misconduct Class Action Settlement
P.O. Box 507 STN B
Ottawa ON K1P 5P6


Tel: 1-888-626-2611
TTY: 1-877-627-7027
Fax: 1-866-262-0816

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