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Divorce and MatrimonialProperty

 Merchant Law Group has a number of lawyers who practice extensively in the areas of Divorce, Separation, and Division of Matrimonial Property, giving us an advantage in this field.

 We understand that separation or divorce can be a difficult process for our clients.

 We are seasoned lawyers that demonstrate our success in representing clients in all aspects of Divorce, Separation, and Division of Matrimonial Property.

 Our goal is to achieve optimal results for our clients in the practical and cost-effective manner possible.

We help our clients with the legal aspects of a relationship breakdown, including:

  •  Divorce
  •  Separation agreements
  •  Family mediation

  We can help pre-empt potential issues from the outset with:

  •  Matrimonial property agreements
  •  Pre-nuptial agreements

  Children are often the focus of a Family Law problem, and we can help with:

  •  Custody
  •  Child’s residence
  •  Child support and child support arrears
  •  Section 7 extraordinary child support

  We can also help you resolve issues relating to spousal support, including:

  •  Applying for spousal support
  •  Defending spousal support claims
  •  Spousal support arrears

  Property can be a contentious issue, and we can help you resolve problems with:

  •  Equal or unequal matrimonial property division
  •  Exclusive possession of the matrimonial home, vehicles, and household contents
  •  Sale of the matrimonial home
  •  Preservation Orders prohibiting disposing of assets
  •  Property excluded from matrimonial property division
  •  Unjust enrichment

  We also represent clients in high conflict issues, including:

  •  Restraining Orders
  •  Emergency Protection Orders (EPOs)

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