Merchant Law Group LLP has locations across Canada and an office in New York City, New York. We have a presence in most Canadian provinces, including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.

As we continue to thoughtfully grow in size, Merchant Law is able to garner more resources, attract the best lawyers to our team, and handle cases of all complexities. Today, we are a Canadian law firm with the capability and capacity to handle matters with regional, national, and global impact.

Despite the expanse of our geographic reach, our legal team is dedicated to providing local and personalized legal counsel. We believe that your legal representation and results vastly improve with a lawyer that intimately knows the local and provincial laws applicable to your matter or legal issue. It is why each lawyer at Merchant Law is committed to a specific area of practice and certain area of Canada or New York.

Merchant Law provides a wide range of legal services in our 21 offices, and each office is staffed with knowledgeable lawyers and legal support staff. By working collaboratively, the team at Merchant Law is able to offer clients the very best legal representation in the following locations and areas of the law.

British Columbia

Merchant Law has five offices within British Columbia. Located in Kelowna, Penticton, Surrey, Vancouver, and Vernon, our British Columbia offices have a strong reputation for providing staunch representation in accident and personal injury cases.

  • Accident LawyerMerchant Law has always represented individuals in their claims following an automobile accident. We have not and will not represent car insurance companies in defence or dispute of a claim. This allows our team in British Columbia to provide dedicated representation in matters where someone is injured or property is damaged in an accident.


  • Personal Injury LawyerThe Merchant Law office in British Columbia provides representation in a wide variety of insurance claims after an injury or accident. Whether you slipped at a restaurant or were harmed by a faulty device or product, our team in British Columbia can help you bring an appropriate and valid insurance claim, and offer insight on maximizing your financial recovery.


The legal landscape in Quebec is distinctive for a number of reasons, but most obviously due to the province’s continued use of the juridical legal system to settle civil law matters. From a prime location in the capital city, our lawyers are able to expertly counsel clients on Quebec’s unique laws.

  • Montreal Immigration LawyerWhether you are interested in a temporary visa, seeking permanent residency, or looking to become a Canadian citizen, the Merchant Law Montreal office is prepared to help.  We are familiar with the laws governing immigration in Quebec, and can offer advice on your application for a visa, representation after inappropriate denial of an application, or consistent counsel throughout the citizenship process.


Merchant Law has an extensive history of practicing law in Saskatchewan. It was in this province that the firm’s founder Anthony Merchant opened the first office. Our office in Regina continues to provide a robust and varied set of services to individuals and companies needing legal advice in Saskatchewan.

  • Regina Divorce LawyerThe lawyers at Merchant Law in Regina understand that emotions can run high during divorce proceedings, and provide legal counsel that is logical, forward-thinking, and focused on the entire family. Our team can handle any phase or complexity of divorce, including agreements between former spouses, child support arrangements, and contested divorce proceedings.


  • Regina DWI Lawyer The Merchant Law team in Regina provides strategic defences to an arrest or accusation of driving while intoxicated or DWI. We provide representation without judgment of your actions, and look for the best procedural defence to prevent a loss of your driving license, monetary fine, or other penalty.


  • Regina Family Lawyer Legal issues that involve spouses, children, and other loved ones must be handled with care. The Merchant Law office in Regina provides family law representation that prioritizes the family unit and gives consideration to preserving relationships going forward. We handle all types of family law matters, from adoption to separation agreements.


Our office in Manitoba is strategically situated in the province’s capital, Winnipeg. Merchant Law is able to easily access the courts, essential resources, and engage with clients and opposing counsel from this urban location. Our Winnipeg office is particularly focused on issues of family law and divorce.


  • Winnipeg Divorce Lawyer The Merchant Law legal team in Winnipeg handles all phases and aspects of divorce proceedings. We provide counsel over uncontested and contested divorce proceedings in a way that obtains great financial and personal results for our clients in Winnipeg. Merchant Law also represents clients choosing mediation to handle a separation.


  • Winnipeg Family LawyerOur team of family lawyers in Winnipeg have years of experience representing clients in family law matters, from marriage contract to co-parenting agreements. Over time, we have learned that the circumstances of each family law case are unique, and we promise to provide the individual attention and dedication that your matter deserves.