British Columbia Accident Lawyer

British Columbia Accident Lawyer

The Merchant Law Group LLC has a team of lawyers committed to legal representation after an automobile accident. Our accident lawyers in British Columbia provide expert advice and counsel to individuals involved in a vehicle accident, and believe those who are injured or suffer property damage in an accident are entitled to steadfast and dependable legal representation.

Legal Representation for the Individual

The legal team at the Merchant Law office in British Columbia never represents insurance companies in disputes over automobile insurance claims. Our dedication lies entirely with individuals who are injured in an auto accident or incur property losses. This enables our team to be unbiased and entirely focused on each and every client who engages us for representation in an automobile insurance claim.

Why Seek Legal Representation after an Accident

The days and weeks after an automobile accident can be a time of crisis. If serious injuries are involved, an entire family could be emotionally involved in the healing and recovery process. During this time, the legal issues of an accident can seem insignificant or trivial.

However, to put forth a strong argument for compensation and obtain full recovery for losses, it is essential to seek competent and knowledgeable representation soon after an accident. Our accident lawyers in British Columbia have represented clients in the following legal processes after an accident:

  • Investigation and evaluation of a claim;
  • Ensure victim meets 2 year requirement for filing a claim;
  • Document and collect evidence of injury or damage;
  • Advise on acceptance of settlement office; and
  • Representation in settlement negotiations or court proceedings;

Recover and Compensation in British Columbia

The accident lawyers at Merchant Law are familiar with the benefits and compensation that is provided for under the laws of British Columbia. Our lawyers have represented clients seeking damages when another driver was at fault for the accident and motorists needing no-fault benefits. Merchant Law has represented clients in all matter of accident claims, including:

  • Receipt of no-fault benefits under the ICBC;
  • Filing a claim with the ICBC;
  • Filing claim against an at fault driver;
  • Negotiation of settlement with ICBC or an at fault driver;
  • Representation in court against ICBC or an at fault driver; and
  • Obtaining final determination of compensation or benefits.

Accidents Occurring in Other Provinces

Whether you are a resident of British Columbia who was involved in an accident in a different province or you are a resident of another Canadian province and looking for legal advice on the specific laws and regulations for you place of residency, feel free to contact our offices in any of the following locations:

  • Alberta
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario
  • Québec, or

Contact Our British Columbia Office

If you were involved in a car accident on a motorway in British Columbia and need legal representation for your accident claim, contact the Merchant Law office located nearest you. We have five offices in British Columbia to serve clients on a local and personal basis, however you can reach any location in British Columbia at the number provided below.

  • Surrey Address: 303 – 304 15127 100th Avenue

Vancouver-Surrey, British Columbia V3R ON9

  • Phone: 1-866-765-7777

Alternatively, complete the contact request form on the Merchant Law website.