Montreal Immigration Lawyer

Montréal Immigration Lawyer

The Merchant Law Group LLC office in Montréal offers knowledgeable representation on a wide variety of immigration legal issues and circumstances. The significant prior experience of our immigration lawyers means our team is prepared to handle complicated cases, and our commitment to clients ensures we are fully committed to every case.

Representation for Canadian Citizenship in Québec

The decision to become a Canadian citizen is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. However, the processes and procedures for obtaining Canadian citizenship can be convoluted and complicated to understand. Merchant Law has dedicated time to understanding the basic requirements of Canadian citizenship through naturalization and the new requirements issued by the Canadian government.

Our immigration lawyers in Montréal will help you evaluate your application for citizenship and navigate the entire process.

Areas of Expertise

The Merchant Law office in Montréal has past experience with all areas and issues within immigration law. Our prior experience extends beyond applications and procedures for Canadian citizenship, to include the following processes and programs:

  • Temporary Visas such as visiting visas, work permits, study permits, and extension of temporary stay or residency;
  • Permanent Visas such as visas for skilled workers and professionals, Canadian express entry program, and visas for investors and entrepreneurs; and
  • Family Sponsorship Visas such as spousal sponsorship, family sponsorship, conjugal partner sponsorship, and international adoption.

The Merchant Law office in Montréal is prepared to assist and advise on your immigration process from beginning to end. We are prepared to handle initial visa applications, investigate problems or complications with an application, and even offer next steps and assistance after unfair denial of a visa in Québec.

Legal Advice Specific to Québec

Our team in Montréal is intimately familiar with the immigration laws of Québec, which differ from other Canadian provinces. Under the agreements in the Canada- Québec Accord, the province of Québec was granted more expansive rights in regards to immigration. Under this agreement, Québec has created its own immigration laws and regulations.

Based in Québec’s largest city, our lawyers at Merchant Law in Montréal have deep understanding of Québec’s individual immigration laws, personal knowledge of the policies that shape Québec’s laws, and experience with Québec’s evaluation and interview process for permanent residency.

The lawyers at Merchant Law can provide exceptional and cost-effective advice on the following immigration schemes specific to Québec:

  • Québec Skilled Worker Program
  • Québec Experienced Class Program
  • Québec Investor Program
  • Québec Entrepreneur Program
  • Québec Self-Employed Program
  • Québec Family Sponsorship

Need Advice Outside Québec?

If you have plans to immigrate to a province other than Québec, Merchant Law is one of the premier immigration law firms in the country. Our offices throughout Canada are prepared to assist you with Canadian immigration questions and applications in any of the following provinces:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario, or

Contact Our Montréal Office

Our legal professionals are prepared to answer your questions regarding immigration processes and programs in Québec. Contact or visit our Montréal office for more information on legal representation or scheduling an initial conversation with an immigration lawyer.

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