Regina DWI Lawyer

Regina DWI Lawyer

The Merchant Law Group LLC provides comprehensive legal services to individuals who were arrested or charged with driving under the influence or impaired driving under the Canadian Criminal Code. The lawyers in our Regina office have represented individuals charged with all manner of serious driving offences, and are prepared to assess defence to various charges related to driving a motor vehicle.

Success of Specialized Lawyers

Merchant Law has a team of highly qualified lawyers that specialize in offences related to the driving of a motorized vehicle. These lawyers in Regina know and understand every aspect of charges and defences to an Impaired Driving Offence under the Canadian Criminal Code. As well our team has extensive prior experience with cases under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

This commitment to a narrow area of law provides numerous advantages for our clients, and is obvious in the level of success Merchant Law sees before courts in Saskatchwan and across Canada.

Providing a Defence to DWI

Based on past experience, Merchant Law is prepared to provide a robust defence to your impaired driving or DWI charge. Our legal team has successfully defeated charges where process and procedure were at issue, including defence to a DWI or impaired driving offence on the following bases:

  • Lack of proof of impairment;
  • No showing that impaired was controlling the vehicle;
  • Timing of request for breath sample;
  • Damaged instrument used for breath sample;
  • Unqualified technician collected breath sample or analyzed sample;
  • Incorrect procedure in reading rights or arresting individual; and
  • Officer acted improperly in detaining vehicle or individual.

Tough DWI Laws in Saskatchewan

In all Canadian provinces there are legal efforts to crack down on drunk and impaired driving. However, Saskatchewan has passed the strictest laws in the country. The first offence of drunk driving, if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is between 0.04 and 0.08 results in harsh penalties, while driving with a BAC over 0.08 results in criminal charges.

An impaired driving charge, and the resulting criminal record, can lead to trouble finding employment, difficulty with family law matters, such as child custody, and diminish personal opportunities and relationships. Lawyers at Merchant Law understand Saskatchewan’s tough laws, and are prepared to provide a defence that minimizes or eliminates the harsh effects of a DWI charge.

Expert Advice on Impaired Driving Across Canada

Merchant Law has experienced DWI lawyers throughout the country. If you were arrested or charged with a DWI in any of the following Canadian provinces, do not hesitate to contact our local office for legal counsel on how to mitigate the negative effects of a DWI, representation in court, or fighting a DWI charge.

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario
  • Québec

Engage a Local Lawyer

To truly see a difference in the level of commitment and quality of advice provided by your DWI legal counsel, contact a local DWI lawyer. Merchant Law team in Regina is prepared to investigate and defend charges of DWI or impaired driving. Simply, contact our Regina office through the information provided below.

  • Address: 2401 Saskatchewan Drive (Saskatchewan Drive Plaza)

Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 4H

  • Phone: 306-359-7777

Toll Free:              1-877-359-7777 or 1-888-567-7777

Our legal team diligently responds to inquires via the contact request form on the Merchant Law website. Complete the form provided to receive additional information from our office or speak with an impaired driving lawyer.