Regina Family Lawyer

Regina Family Lawyer

The Merchant Law Group LLC understands the personal nature of family law matters, and our office in Regina has a number of legal professionals dedicated to the practice of family law. Our family law team in Regina is focused on thoughtful and well-rounded solutions to the complicated issues that arise in family law.

Practicing Family Oriented Family Law

Family law issues always hit close to home. These are the legal matters that affect family relationships, family structure, and personal lives far into the future. For these reasons, family law matters can be contentious and emotional. Merchant Law recognizes that family law clients come to our office with specific and unique problems, as no two families are the same.

Our competent family lawyers in Regina can provide the assistance you need to navigate the legal requirements and procedures, while providing family oriented advice that specifically provides for children and other dependents. The result is a resolution that benefits all family members.

Engaged with All Areas of Family Law

Through Merchant Law’s extensive family law practice, our lawyers have encountered all manner of family law matter, dispute, and form of resolution. Our legal professionals are dedicated to mediation and other friendly resolution of family law matters, where possible, and prepared to handle difficult litigious situations. Our experience ranges from basic filings and proceedings, to complicated and delicate family law matters.

Our Regina office has experience with all of the following areas:

  • Custody and access to children,
  • Child support and maintenance,
  • Adoptions,
  • Prenuptials agreements and marriage contracts,
  • Same Sex Family Law,
  • Co-habitation agreements,
  • Separation agreements,
  • Divorce proceedings,
  • Alimony, spousal, and common law partner support,
  • Co-parenting agreements, and
  • Domestic violence and abuse cases.

Family Law Specifics in Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan family law matters are heard before a certain court, as established in 1994 by the Queen’s Bench (Family Law Division) Amendment Act. This Act provides for the Family Law Court to have specific judges dedicated to hearing and determining family law matters. These judges are versed in the provincial laws of Saskatchewan and familiar with local processes and procedures.

A family lawyer should be similarly dedicated to the learning and practice of family law. At The lawyers in our Regina office of Merchant Law have spent entire careers learning and knowing family law in Saskatchewan. This extensive dedication to a specific area and location makes our team ideal counselors in your family law matter.

Family Law Advice Outside Saskatchewan

Merchant Law has provided exceptional legal services for family law clients across Canada. Our commitment to clients has gained the firm a reputation as fair, understanding, and determined in family law matters. If you need advice on a family law matter or situation in a province other than Saskatchewan, our team is prepared to help.

Merchant Law currently has offices in the following Canadian provinces and New York, United States:

  • Alberta,
  • British Columbia,
  • Manitoba,
  • Ontario, and
  • Québec.

Contacting the Regina Office

If you need legal representation for a family law matter in Regina, you can reach a member of our highly qualified and dedicated legal team through the information below.

  • Address: 2401 Saskatchewan Drive (Saskatchewan Drive Plaza)

Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 4H

  • Phone: 306-359-7777

Toll Free:              1-877-359-7777 or 1-888-567-7777

As well, Merchant Law responds quickly to all enquiries received through our contact request form. The contact request form for a family law case or issue can be found on our website.