Winnipeg Divorce Lawyer

Winnipeg Divorce Lawyer

The Merchant Law Group LLC’s office in Winnipeg understands the difficulty of divorce. The process is a difficult time for the former partners involved, and any children from the marriage. However, it is not only the end of a marriage, but a time of change in lifestyle, routine, and expectations.

Many of the emotions felt during the divorce process are unique, and the legal process in Manitoba is, likewise, a unique subset of family law. To reach a successful outcome in a divorce case, it is necessary to employ a family law lawyer that is proficient and experienced in divorce proceedings, such as those at Merchant Law.

Thoughtful Representation in Divorce

The lawyers at Merchant Law in Winnipeg are prepared to handle your divorce proceedings from beginning to end. Our lawyers are highly qualified to obtain the best possible result for you financially and personally, but are also conscious of the effects divorce, and its legal proceedings, can have on the entire family.

Therefore, the divorce lawyers at Merchant Law navigate the divorce process logically and strategically.  The advantage to our clients is an outcome that is in accordance with their specific goals and positive for all persons involved.

Past Experience in Divorce Proceedings

The Merchant Law office in Winnipeg has divorce lawyers ready to handle all aspects of the divorce process and proceedings. From beginning to end, we strive to provide legal solutions that keep the entire family in mind. Our expertise in divorce law extends to all of the following areas:

  • Filing divorce with the Court of Queen’s Bench of Manitoba,
  • Separation agreements and annulments,
  • Asset division during a divorce;
  • Determination of child support and child custody,
  • Contested divorce proceedings, and
  • Mediation in uncontested and contested divorces.

Filing for Divorce in Manitoba

There are a number of laws that will affect your divorce proceedings and eventual permanent separation from your partner. These laws pertain to the procedures and legal requirements to obtain a divorce, laws affecting child custody and child support, and laws requiring the payment of alimony or spousal support.

Many federal laws, such as the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2005 and the Divorce Act of Canada, provide rights and regulations to all Canadians, but other laws, such as the Court of Queen’s Bench Rules, Manitoba Regulation 553/88 known as the Family Law Act of Manitoba, are provincial. This means it is imperative to your divorce proceedings that the lawyer you choose to engage is competent and familiar with all provincial laws.

Residents of Other Canadian Provinces

Merchant Law has represented divorce clients throughout Canada, and is well known for its ardent and thoughtful approach to divorce proceedings. If you seeking advice or representation during a divorce, separation, or other family law issue, but do not reside in Manitoba, please contact our office in the appropriate province. We have offices in all of the following Canadian provinces:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Quebec
  • Ontario, or

Contact Our Winnipeg Office

The Merchant Law office in Winnipeg is prepared to answer your questions about divorce in Manitoba and assist at any stage in divorce proceedings. To reach us, use the contact information below.

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