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Civil Litigation


We represent clients in all manners of disputes before the Provincial Courts, the Superior Courts, Courts of Appeal, the Federal Court, and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Merchant Law Group LLP represents clients at hearings before Tribunals, Boards, and Commissions throughout Canada and parts of the United States.

We provide specific litigation talent, excellence in honed trial litigation skills.

Litigation is the focus in our firm not the addendum.

Civil Litigation is an expanding in the field of legal representation.  Litigation is our business, not a branch of the Corporate/Commercial department or an add-on to Business Law interests.

Our difference lies in welcoming the Court process to defend the edifice and build the bulwarks that will lead to success before the Courts or an acceptable financial settlement.

We have the technical proficiency, qualities of mind, fortitude, spirit, and the determination necessary to solve problems.

We provide creative litigation solutions. We have extensive experience in all facets of litigation at a time when through disuse of their skills, most firms have few and sometimes only one lawyer in the firm with required litigation experience in corporate, commercial, administrative, tax, and personal law matters.

We provide our clients with the knowledge and analysis necessary to make personal and business decisions on a conceptualized basis, focusing on solving problems and achieving success.

We have extensive experience representing a full spectrum of clients in diverse areas of law.

Contact Us

  • Saskatchewan 1-877-359-7777
  • Regina 306-359-7777
  • Alberta 1-866-225-7777
  • Manitoba 1-866-896-7777
  • British Columbia 1-866-765-7777
  • Ontario  1-888 298-7778
  • Quecbec  1-866-567-7777
  • Elsewhere in Canada 1-888-567-7777
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