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Creditors’ Rights, Bankruptcy and Financial Reorganization


The highly specialized area of Bankruptcy Law requires skilled litigators with a proficient understanding of the Canadian Legislation and Court System in Canada.

The Canadian bankruptcy and insolvency governance is divided between the federal and provincial levels of government in accordance with the division of powers set out in Canada’s Constitution.

The lawyers at Merchant Law Group LLP extensively comprehend Creditors’ Rights, Bankruptcy and Financial Reorganization. We have extensive experience and a demonstrated record of success in assisting our clients in their efforts to reorganize with respect to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

Merchant Law Group LLP provides legal advice such as Negotiation of out-of-court, debt counseling to small and large corporations, partnerships, proprietorships and individuals contemplating bankruptcy.

Specifically, lawyers at Merchant Law Group LLP, work closely with clients, providing counseling and advice with respect to debt management, while examining alternatives to a filing for bankruptcy.

We are a key part of the client’s team, working with accountants, bankers, financial analysts, investor groups, unions and the judicial system to successfully restructure or reorganize businesses experiencing financial difficulty. When bankruptcy is unavoidable, we utilize our extensive knowledge and experience in business with respect to the restructure and reorganization of proceedings thereafter.

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