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Divorce Lawyers


Divorce Lawyers


Divorce Lawyers

Divorce Lawyers

Our experienced divorced lawyers represent clients in Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Surrey, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and throughout Canada. The purpose of getting a divorce is to become unmarried. Often, there are many collateral issues that arise during the course of a divorce including custody, alimony, the division of property, child custody, child visitation, and child support. In other cases, there is just a divorce.

Our divorce lawyers can assist you whether you simply need a divorce (i.e. a legal acknowledgment that you are no longer married), or whether you need assistance with surrounding issues as well.

We offer caring and compassionate services for all types of divorce including high-net worth divorce; contested divorce; uncontested divorce; abandonment divorce; and adultery divorce.

Our divorce lawyers display exemplary skill, knowledge of the law, and professionalism in each and every divorce case they handle. We understand that we play a critical role as advocates for our clients and that the margin of error in a divorce case can be irreversible, especially given the fact that divorce often impacts children and significant property.

Merchant Law Group LLP’s divorce lawyers offer free consultations and offer the highest level of professionalism and solid practical experience.

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