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Equipment & Asset Seizures


Farm and commercial seizures are common.  Once a Creditor has succeeded in obtaining a Default Order or Payment Order, it is still up to the Creditor (not the Court) to actually collect the money owed to the Creditor by the Debtor.

The lawyers at Merchant Law Group assist clients to communicate with the creditor or debtor with respect to having assets seized and sold to pay the debt owed.

Items in seizure may include farm and industrial equipment, motor vehicles, boats, furniture, personal belongings, and shares in companies.

When in financial trouble with the result that your assets have been seized, paying a lawyer for advice on what the creditor may or may not do seems like throwing good money.  But unless addressed carefully, creditors will often sell valuable farm equipment and industrial machinery at slaughter prices and then pursue payment by the creditor of huge deficiencies.

Our lawyers also inform clients (debtors or creditors) of their legal rights they have regarding the assets that are about to be seized or have been seized.

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