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Family Law

Merchant Law Group LLP’s experienced family law lawyers have represented thousands of individuals in matters involving:

Our leading family law lawyers represent clients in Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Surrey, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and throughout Canada. More specifically, and in addition to the foregoing, our legal team has experience handling cases such as:

  • High-Net Worth Divorce
  • Contested Divorce
  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Abandonment Divorce
  • Adultery Divorce
  • Inhuman Treatment Divorce, and
  • Post-divorce Disputes.

Our team of family law lawyers also handle child custody cases, child access cases, child support cases, spousal support cases, and cases involving variations of custody, access, child support, and spousal support.

Whether you are seeking a family lawyers in Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, or anywhere else in Canada, contact Merchant Law Group LLP for skilled, aggressive, and effective representation.

Merchant Law Group LLP and its experienced team of family lawyers have vast experience and are well respected by the courts. Each of our family law lawyers are skilled, knowledgeable and experienced, and offer free consultations.


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  • British Columbia (Surrey: 604 609-7777)
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  • Ontario (Toronto: 416 828-7777) or Toll Free: (1-888 298-7778) (St. Catherines: 289 398-7777)
  • Québec (Montréal: 514 248-7777/514 788-7777) or Toll Free: (1 866 567-7777)
  • New York, USA: 845-704-7777
  • Elsewhere in Canada 1-888-567-7777
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