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General Corporate


Merchant Law Group LLP provides legal services for business and finance strategies.

We are a team of engaged counsel who executes comprehensive business plan strategies in a time-sensitive environment with the highest degree of efficiency and integrity.

We have a diverse client base, including the private and public sector.

We are recognized as eminent by our clients, competitors, judges, and its members. Our hallmarks are innovation, team work, and our ability to anticipate and effectively respond to change, to act proactively, and to create opportunities.

Success. Integrity. Business Relationships.

We are determined counsel who engage to meet above and beyond the expectations of our clients, and are highly involved in the Saskatchewan business community and have contacts at the highest level of Canadian corporations.

Our legal team provides cost effective corporate legal services to small and large Canadian businesses.

Merchant Law Group LLP has extensive experience counseling on an array of General Corporate matters, including:

  • Incorporations
  • Buy/sell and Partnership Agreements
  • Corporate amalgamations and reorganizations
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Leases
  • Security or Corporate Finance legal advice
  • Community bond corporations
  • Venture capital corporations
  • Security or Corporate Finance
  • Debt & Equity Financing
  • Intellectual property (trademark/trade name registration, patents, licensing)
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate Transactions

Contact Us

  • Saskatchewan 1-877-359-7777
  • (Regina) 1-306-359-7777
  • Alberta 1-866-225-7777
  • Manitoba 1-866-896-7777
  • British Columbia 1-866-765-7777
  • Elsewhere in Canada 1-888-567-7777