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Employment/Labour Law

Establishing and maintaining an engaged, harmonious and productive workforce is a critical leadership challenge for any organization. Assisting clients to meet that challenge is the central focus at Merchant Law Group LLP with respect to Labor Relations & Employment Law.

Employment-related lawsuits are an increasing growing and developing area of civil litigation. Employers are constantly faced with threatened or actual claims of discrimination, harassment and retaliation among other accusations.

We defend clients with respect to employment-based lawsuits throughout the country and are seasoned litigators who represent our clients in the most cost effective manner. We take into account any risks to our client’s credibility.

Our philosophy uniquely prepares our team to counsel and assist our clients when it is time to make the strategic decisions as to how a case will be handled. Understanding and avoiding the costs of court involvements, as well as the risks associated with a jury trial, can make settling a case attractive.

In our commitment to efficiently defend employment litigation is early case assessment. This strategy reduces costs by changing the focus from processing a lawsuit to addressing and resolving the underlying business problem. Working with clients, can redefine what constitutes a favorable case resolution, and chart a strategy that meets both business and litigation objectives.

We offer an extensive array of services and programs, including:

  • Collective bargaining
  • Employee compensation & benefits
  • Employment contracts and restrictive covenants
  • Employment discrimination litigation
  • Labor and employment arbitration and mediation
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Unemployment compensation appeals
  • Wrongful discharge

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