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Real Estate


Merchant Law Group LLP guides clients through the purchase and sale of houses, condominiums, and commercial property.

Clients seek and obtain our legal expertise with respect to the purchase and sale of property. We provide legal services such as:

  • Communicating with banks when obtaining mortgage financing;
  • Interaction with municipal and provincial authorities involved in the transfer of real estate.

We are highly respected lawyers in the field of Commercial Real Estate and assist clients to navigate this increasingly complex and wide-ranging area of law. Developers, manufacturers, lenders, builders, owners and tenants of commercial and industrial properties, apartment buildings and condominium projects are among those we represent. We are most often engaged to assist with activities such as:

  • Purchase and sale of all manner of commercial properties;
  • Financing by banks, trust companies and other institutional lenders;
  • Structuring of real estate loans through leasehold financing, construction loans and syndicated loans;
  • Leasing agreements on behalf of landlords and tenants;
  • Assembly and development of subdivisions;
  • Establishment and development of condominium projects.

For more information for both residential and commercial real estate matters please contact Merchant Law Group LLP.

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