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Ukraine Airlines Flight 752 Class Action


On behalf of passengers’ families, our law firm intends to swiftly commence class action litigation before the Canadian Courts regarding Flight 752 (PS752), an international passenger flight from Tehran to Kiev which was shot down by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Iran (shortly after takeoff from Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport on January 8, 2020). Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has described this accident as an “unforgivable mistake”.

All 176 passengers and crew onboard Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 were killed, including dozens of Canadian citizens and foreign students studying in Canada. Canadian class action litigation is merited due to the large loss of Canadian life and the fact that many passengers of flight FS752 were returning home to Canada. The Flight 752 class action will seek financial compensation  for the passengers’ families.

Merchant Law Group LLP has ten offices across Canada, including experienced personal injury lawyers Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montréal.  Our lawyers are ready to work individually with families of the Canadian passengers who were on Flight 752, and our firm includes a local Edmonton lawyer who is fluent in Farsi and Dari.  Our firm’s Farsi-speaking staff and counsel are available to meet with families of victims across Canada.

Tony Merchant, Q.C. is known to be one of Canada’s most active litigators with more than 600 reported cases in leading Caselaw Journals, having argued thousands of cases before the Canadian and American Courts, in Trial and Administrative Courts, and the Courts of Appeal of various American and Canadian jurisdictions, the Federal Court of Canada, and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Tony Merchant, Q.C., has a long history in pursuing public advocacy cases and is a former Member of the Legislature (MLA).  Merchant Law Group LLP and Tony Merchant, Q.C. are well known for pursuing class action lawsuits in Canada, including class action litigation involving aviation fatalities. 

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