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Volkswagen / Audi Primary Engine Water Pump Approved Class Action Settlement in Canada

January 2024 Update: Canada-wide Class Action Settlement APPROVED for Certain Volkswagen and Audi Vehicles Nationwide


On December 1st, 2023, the Court of King’s Bench granted approval of a Canada-wide Class Action Settlement to resolve claims in Canada related to allegations that the primary engine water pump in certain Volkswagen and Audi vehicles is defective. A copy of the Court Order approving the settlement (without the schedules) can be found here in PDF.


Other related documents including a full copy of the Court Order and the Settlement Agreement can be found on the Claims Administrator’s website:


If you own, owned, lease, or leased one of the ‘Eligible Vehicles’, you may be eligible for benefits pursuant to the Settlement Agreement and you should submit a claim for benefits beginning February 1, 2024 though the Claims Administrator’s website. You can determine whether your vehicle is an ‘Eligible Vehicle’ though the Claims Administrator’s website or by contacting the Claims Administrator directly.



  • The period for submitting a claim begins on February 1, 2024 and runs until June 3, 2024
  • Visit to submit a claim, or to request a paper claim form if you do not have access to the internet


Starting on February 1, 2024, settlement class members may submit claims for reimbursement of ‘Past Repairs’ to the Claims Administrator available under the settlement by way of or a paper claim form (available by calling the Claims Administrator at 1-866-642-0774).


The required documentation for a claim will include: (1) ‘Proof of Ownership’, (2) ‘Proof of Repair Expense’, and (3) ‘Proof of Adherence to the Vehicle Maintenance Schedule’.


You will need to contact the Claims Administrator via with respect to questions about ‘Eligible Vehicle’ documentation.


An owner of an ‘Eligible Vehicle’ who wishes to receive repairs or replacements under the ‘Extended Warranty’ pursuant to the Settlement Agreement will be able to bring their ‘Eligible Vehicle’ to a Volkswagen or Audi Dealership, depending on their ‘Eligible Vehicle’, to obtain a repair or replacement. Specifics of this process will be detailed on the Claims Administrator’s website.


Please check the Claims Administrator’s website regularly for updates, who’s office can be reached via:

RicePoint Claims Administration
c/o Volkswagen/Audi Engine Water Pump Canadian Class Action Settlement
1480 Richmond St., Suite #204,
London, ON, N6G 0J4
Or by email to:


Starting on February 1, 2024, claims must be submitted by June 3, 2024 to the Claims Administrator by way of an official CLAIM FORM which will be available at for reimbursement of ‘Past Repairs’. The completed claims can be submitted via the Claims Administrator’s website or mailed to the Claims Administrator. The official CLAIM FORM will be printable from the Claims Administrator’s website or by calling the Claims Administrator at 1-866-642-0774. No one is entitled to a reimbursement automatically and the official CLAIM FORM will not become available until February 1, 2024.


The individual reimbursement claims process begins on February 1, 2024 and no CLAIM FORM will be accepted after June 3, 2024.


Please do not send any vehicle documentation to our law firm. Instead, at the appropriate time, a CLAIM FORM and supporting documentation must be submitted by all claimants directly to the Claims Administrator (and not through our law firm).


If you have any questions about the settlement, please call the Claims Administrator at 1-866-642-0774.


If you have questions with respect to the “Approval Order” regarding the Settlement Agreement, you may also contact Merchant Law Group LLP at or call 1-306-791-2178.  Please note, our law firm cannot submit a CLAIM FORM on your behalf.

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