• Free Consultations & Second Opinions

    Our lawyers can offer second opinions regarding your case 24/7 in most Merchant Law Group LLP offices. Motor Vehicle Accidents, Family Law & Divorce, Criminal Allegations, and Civil Litigation. We will assist with second opinions by telephone and in person regarding a wide variety of legal issues. Merchant Law Group LLP Offices:   Regina 306-359-7777  Saskatoon 306-653-7777  Moose… View More


  • Personal Injury

    By: Ronald E. Kampitsch, Merchant Law Group LLP Published February 25th, 2015. An individual who is injured through the negligence of another has the right to be compensated for damages incurred as a result of the injury. There are some limited exceptions to a party being liable as a result of causing injury to another… View More


  • Lessons from an Archeological Dig

    February 19, 2015 By Christopher Green, Merchant Law Group LLP, Langley, BC A hunt for misfiled personal documents took me on a journey through the midden that poses for my home-filing system last week. I found the documents finally, in the last place I looked, but in the process unearthed an unused $100 gift card…. View More