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Airdrie Spinal Injuries from Car or Motorcycle Accident Lawyers


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    Have you sustained a spinal injury from a car accident or motorcycle accident? If so, you can expect insurance companies to fight hard to keep you from recovering as much money as they can. Spinal injuries are typically quite expensive, and they don’t want to pay. Don’t expect these companies to have sympathy for your situation.

    The team at Merchant Law can help you get the compensation you deserve. We work hard to help you secure a fair settlement. 

    What happens in a spinal injuries case? 

    Spinal injury cases are often some of the most expensive cases. This tends to inspire car insurance companies to fight hard to keep from paying. 

    After all, some spinal injury victims won’t be able to walk or work after their accidents. They may need millions of dollars worth of surgery. They may need years of long-term care. 

    Thus, insurance companies tend to want to take advantage of Alberta’s comparative negligence laws and will be working to pin as much blame for the accident as possible squarely on your shoulders. The more blame you take, the less they have to pay.

    You can stop them from taking advantage of you by working with a top notch personal injury lawyer. 

    Can you prove a back injury? 

    Yes. While insurance companies may seek to downplay your injuries and may even accuse you of faking them, the truth is there are a wide variety of modern medical tests that can show, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you have a true spinal injury that must be addressed.

    Doctors can tell when someone is faking it, and if need be we can put expert medical witnesses on the stand to attest to the veracity of your injuries. 

    What is the average settlement from a back injury? 

    There is no average settlement. Every case is different. Some people take minor injuries that heal in six months to a year. Others must navigate an entirely new way of life because they’ve lost the use of some or all of their limbs.

    You can rest assured your settlement will include compensation for medical bills, for long-term care, for lost wages, and for loss of earning capacity where applicable. There will generally be a pain and suffering award to a max of $370,000. In some cases, there may be punitive damages, but only when the other driver did something worthy of punishment like driving drunk or texting while driving.

    Your lawyer can help you determine what a reasonable settlement looks like in your case. 

    Why Merchant Law? 

    We’ve got decades of experience handling hundreds of spinal injury cases just like yours. Our team is committed to fighting hard for your right to regain compensation for your injuries. We’ll take good care of you, while remaining responsive and easy to talk to. 

    For a free, no-obligation, risk-free consultation, call (403) 225-7777 today, or visit our office at 191 Edwards Way SW, Unit 202 B, in Airdrie. We answer our phones 24/7/365 to make sure you can get the help you need when you need it. 

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