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Calgary SW Nerve Damage After a Car Accident Lawyer


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    A car accident can cause nerves to be compressed, crushed, or impinged. Fractures can put pressure on the nerves, as can slipped discs. Certain types of soft tissue damage can cause nerve damage as well. 

    If you’ve suffered from nerve damage in your car accident, you may experience numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness. Nerve damage also comes with a considerable amount of pain that may impact your day-to-day ability to live your life.

    Do damaged nerves ever heal?

    It depends on how your nerve was injured. A severed nerve will not heal. Compressed or impugned nerves can heal. There may be some surgical treatments for nerves which are not healing properly. 

    Your doctor may prescribe pain killers, surgery, braces, splints, electrical stimulation and physical therapy to restore as much of your nerve function as possible. 

    If you are unable to resume some activities after reaching maximum medical improvement your personal injury settlement should take this into account. 

    Can you get compensation for nerve damage?

    Yes. Nerve damage can be proven with medical records, and if your lawyer can draw a direct line from your nerve damage back to the car accident then you will be compensated for this injury.

    There are two types of compensation: economic damages, and pain and suffering.

    Economic damages covers any medical bills you incur while trying to address the nerve damage. It also covers any lost wages or loss of earning capacity that has resulted from this injury. Finally if you do need long-term care as a result of your nerve injury economic damages can provide money towards this care as well. 

    Will courts award pain and suffering for damaged nerves?

    Yes, though the amount will depend upon the severity of the damage. It will also depend on the amount of impairment the damage has brought into your life.

    In Alberta the pain and suffering award is capped at $370,000. The actual amount you will receive will also depend on the facts of your case and your lawyer’s skill as a negotiator or litigator. 

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