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Herniated Discs from Car or Motorcycle Accidents in Calgary


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    Herniated discs, also known as slipped discs, can be incredibly painful. They can even make it impossible for you to engage with your normal daily activities.

    If a car or motorcycle accident has left you with a slipped disc, reach out to the lawyers at Merchant Law. Our personal injury lawyers can help you get compensation for your injury. 

    How painful is a herniated disc?

    A herniated disc can be excruciatingly painful. It often comes with pain and numbness. The pain can extend to your extremities. Sometimes it’s even impossible to stand, sit, or walk short distance. Herniated discs can even cause severe muscle weakness. 

    If left untreated, a herniated disc can even lead to permanent nerve damage, or a loss of bowel or bladder control. 

    In short, this is not an injury to take lightly, and you can’t let the defendant’s insurance company succeed when their lawyers try to make the argument that you are exaggerating the nature and extent of your difficulties. 

    Can a herniated disc fix itself?

    If you follow all of your doctor’s instructions then there is a possibility your slipped disc will heal on its own. Yet every herniated disc is different. Your doctor might recommend surgery or chiropractic care. 

    For the purposes of strengthening your case, it’s important to make sure you’re taking the herniated disc seriously. If you disregard doctor instructions and make it worse you may recover far less money as the defendants will have an opening to say that you brought the vast majority of the damage you want them to pay for onto yourself.

    Is a herniated disc considered a serious injury?

    Herniated discs can be considered a serious injury, which means they will fall under the larger $370,000 pain and suffering camp instead of the $5,500 pain and suffering cap. 

    Pain and suffering is just one part of the settlement you’re going to receive. You should also receive compensation for economic losses from your medical bills and lost wages. 

    What is the average payout for herniated discs?

    Some sources put the average payout at $360,000, but every case is different. Our lawyers won’t even be able to give you a ballpark on your own case until you reach maximum medical improvement, or MMI. 

    Rest assured that when we get all of the numbers and facts that are relevant to your case we’ll do our best to get you as much money as possible. We care about you and the life you’ll be living in the wake of your car or motorcycle accident. 

    Why Merchant Law?

    The personal injury lawyers at Merchant Law are some of the most experienced car accident and motorcycle lawyers in Alberta. Each of our lawyers is known for being a tough litigator, a hard-nosed negotiator, and a caring professional who fights hard for their clients.

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