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Calgary ICBC Injury Lawyer

Are you a resident of BC who got into an accident while traveling from Alberta? Or have you recently relocated from British Columbia to Calgary?

If so, you’ll be dealing with ICBC across provincial lines, and that can be tough. You’ve paid all these premiums to a mandatory car insurance policy that is now going to do everything it can do to avoid paying your claims.

The worst thing you can do is to try to deal with ICBC on your own. Adjusters will pretend to be your friend while looking for every reason they can find to deny your claim. You’ll need the help of an experienced Calgary ICBC Injury Lawyer if you’re going to:

  • Repair your vehicle.
  • Get coverage for medical expenses Medicare won’t cover.
  • Get coverage for long-term rehabilitation services.
  • Get money to pay for dental bills.
  • Get money for psychological or psychiatric counseling.
  • Replace your lost wages.

On paper, ICBC provides up to $300,000 for these and other costs. They should also be providing up to $740 a week in lost wage payments. You’ll need tough lawyers to make them live up to their obligations.

How to Strengthen Your Claim

ICBC is going to do everything in its power to try to prove that you failed to meet a requirement for coverage. They may also try to claim you don’t actually need the treatments your doctors say you need.

They don’t care who pays for your expenses, as long as it’s not them.

The actions you take directly after your accident will make a huge difference in whether or not you get the compensation you deserve.

First, make sure you gather as much evidence and information at the scene of the accident is possible. Get the name and insurance policy of the other driver (here in Alberta they’ll have a private policy). Get photographs. Get a copy of the police report.

Avoid saying things like, “I’m sorry,” or “I’m okay.”

Take any medical aid you’re offered, even if you’re not sure you need it. Refusing medical care provides ICBC with lots of ammunition to deny your claim.

As soon as you are medically able to do so, call an ICBC lawyer like the lawyers at Merchant Law. We don’t just fight for you in court. We:

  • File your claim for you.
  • Protect you from making honest mistakes which could result in claims denial. 
  • Appeal denied claims.
  • Negotiate a settlement with ICBC.
  • Litigate your claim if necessary.
  • Deal with your private supplemental insurance company if you have one.

In short, we’re the expert allies you’ll need to get your claim paid.

Why Choose Merchant Law?

We have offices across Canada, including in British Columbia. That means we have experience working both in British Columbia and across provincial lines. That makes a big difference when we’re trying to help you resolve your claim.

We’re known as some of Canada’s toughest litigators and we’re a team with a proven track record of getting results. If you want more money than you could get on your own or with a less experienced lawyer, call (866) 225-7777 or visit our office at 2710 17th Ave SE, Suite 400, Calgary.

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