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    Many accidents make it impossible for victims to return to work, either in the short-term while recovery is taking place or in the long term because your capacity to work has been completely destroyed.

    Merchant Law can help you get compensation for these losses so you have the income you need to survive both now and into the future.

    Unfortunately, the parties responsible for paying this money are insurance companies who will do everything they can think of to avoid paying you what they owe you. That’s where we come in. We fight hard for you.

    To understand how these cases work you should understand the difference between loss of earnings and loss of earnings capacity.

    Loss of Earnings

    In a personal injury case the loss of earnings refers to the loss of income from a job you had at the time of the accident until the time you lose that job. If you would have made $3000 during the month you were out of work then the amount you’re owed is $3000.

    It can sometimes cover you for a short period of time even if you lost your job as a result of the accident. However, this amount of money is not indefinite. If you haven’t lost your earnings capacity the court’s reasoning is you should get another job.

    Loss of Earning Capacity

    When you’ve lost earning capacity you can’t go back to the field you were in, and you may not be able to enter a comparable field that pays as much as your old job did. In some cases, you won’t be able to return to work at all. 

    When this happens you have a loss of earning capacity case.

    In a loss of earning capacity case you must prove four things are true:

    1. Your accident has left you less capable, overall, of earning income from any type of employment.
    2. Your injuries have left you less marketable to employers, making it far more difficult to get a job.
    3. You can’t take advantage of the same job opportunities as would have been available had you not been injured.
    4. You are now less valuable to yourself as a person capable of earning income in competitive labor.

    Award amount varies. We fight to get them as high as possible so you can cover as many years as possible without employment. This can buy you time to pay your bills while training to take on a new career.

    Why Merchant Law?

    We spare no expense in defending your case. We’ll bring in experts including expert physicians and forensic economists who can testify about your capacity and the career paths open to you as a result of your injuries. We thoroughly investigate and argue your case so you get as much money as possible. 

    We have a long track record and we’re known as some of Canada’s toughest litigators. Yet you can get some of Canada’s most renowned lawyers on your side without putting any money down. We work on contingency. We don’t get paid unless you do. 

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