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Nerve Damage After a Calgary Car or Motorcycle Accident


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    Nerve damage is common after a car or motorcycle accident. Nerves get stretched, impinged, or pressured by the impact. Nerve damage can also be a complication of other conditions, like herniated discs.

    If you’re suffering from nerve damage then the lawyers at Merchant Law can help. Our personal injury lawyers have seen many cases like yours. While the defendant’s lawyers might wish to downplay the extent of your injuries we know the impact they can have on your quality of life. We’re prepared to fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

    Can you get compensation for nerve damage?

    You absolutely can get compensation for nerve damage. Any medical bills you incur while addressing the problem will be part of your eventual settlement. In addition, the damage will be taken into account when it’s time to negotiate your pain and suffering award.

    Nerve damage is an injury like any other, and the law treats it as such. 

    Can you prove nerve damage?

    There are quite a few medical tests that can prove nerve damage, and in general you’ll find the results of those tests in your records. For example, your doctor may perform a nerve conduction velocity test to detect abnormal nerve conditions. Those results can be used as evidence in your case. 

    Your physician may also be able to testify as to the results of the nerve damage. For example, it often comes with numbness and tingling, as well as muscle weakness. 

    How long does it take to heal a damaged nerve?

    Much depends on whether you need surgery or not. Many damaged nerves can heal in six to twelve weeks as long as the underlying cause of the damage has been addressed. If you will need surgery to address the damaged nerve then you’ll need to factor in surgical recovery time.

    If you are unable to return to work while recovering from nerve damage then your lost wages will be factored into your personal injury claim as well. It’s important for you to follow your physician’s instructions and to give yourself the time you need to heal up properly. 

    Why Merchant Law? 

    Our lawyers are some of the brightest and most experienced lawyers that Alberta has to offer. Many of us have been working personal injury cases for over thirty years. There’s very little we haven’t seen. We’re also responsive and caring, and will make sure you get the justice you deserve.

    To get started, call (403) 225-7777, or visit our office at 2710 17th Ave SE in Calgary. Your initial consultation is absolutely free. In addition, we don’t get paid until we’ve successfully negotiated a settlement. 

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