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Calgary Pedestrian Accident Lawyer


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    Calgary’s downtown area is a great place to walk. It’s got a WalkScore of 89 and lots to see. Yet other areas of town aren’t so pedestrian-friendly, and it’s quite possible to get into an accident anywhere in town.

    When you do, the team at Merchant Law is here to help you hold negligent drivers accountable. 

    Are drivers always at fault?

    No. While the vast majority of accidents between drivers and pedestrians are the result of drivers who ignore traffic safety rules, some accidents happen because pedestrians don’t follow the law either. 

    This can work against you. Alberta is a comparative negligence state and the defendant’s lawyers are going to be looking for ways to increase your percentage of fault. They may be looking for ways to blame the accident on you entirely, even if you’re not to blame.

    If they can’t blame the accident on you entirely they’ll try to increase your percentage of fault so they can decrease their payout. Alberta is a contributory negligence province, and every percentage point they can put back on you represents thousands of dollars they can take away from you. 

    It’s important for you to understand that insurance companies will fight a pedestrian case just as hard as they’ll fight any other case. You won’t win or be offered a fair settlement without the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer. 

    Pedestrian cases can be more complex than auto-on-auto cases.

    While the drivers of two automobiles may be okay to gather evidence, talk to witnesses, take photographs, and ask questions, pedestrians rarely are. They’re often unconscious, or so hurt and disoriented they can’t do anything to help their own situation. 

    This means you need lawyers who are adept at gathering evidence after the fact. Experienced advocates who can challenge spurious claims and help you get a fair offer or litigate your case in court. 

    We are also wrongful death lawyers who can help the families of pedestrians who were killed in automobile accidents. If you are the parent, child, or spouse of a pedestrian who has been tragically lost as the result of a driver’s negligence, we can help. 

    Be prepared for a fight. Sadly, insurance companies will often take advantage of the fact that deceased victims can’t advocate for themselves and will try to make a case for paying you less than you deserve. Alberta laws discourage litigation in wrongful death cases, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a lawyer in your corner. 

    Why Merchant Law?

    Merchant Law has helped thousands of families get the compensation they need to pay medical bills, replace lost wages, or get back on their feet after the death of a loved one. We have a long track record of holding negligent parties accountable and bringing them to justice.

    We work on contingency. We don’t get paid until you get paid, and we fight hard to make sure the final payment you receive is higher than you’d have gotten alone, even after our fees are accounted for.

    Ready to get help? Get started today by calling (866) 225-7777 or visit our office at 2710 17th Ave SE, Suite 400, Calgary.

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