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Canadian Standards Association/Standards Council of Canada Class Action

Recours Collectif – L’Association canadienne de normalization/Conseil canadien des normes [Information in English is below]

Merchant Law Group LLP poursuit un recours collectif contre l’association canadienne de normalization (Acnor) et le conseil canadien des normes (CCN) au nom de propriétaires de maisons modulaires fabriqués par Champion Home Builders Co.

Le recours collectif demande la compensation financière pour les Canadiens affecte. S’il vous plait, note que joindre notre liste de contacts pour ce recours collectif ne crée aucune obligation financière pour vous, et vos informations resteront confidentielles.

Canadian Standards Association/Standards Council of Canada Class Action

Merchant Law Group LLP has launched class action lawsuits on behalf of all affected Canadians against the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and Standards Council of Canada (SCC) regarding Ready-To-Move (RTM) modular homes and similar buildings manufactured by Champion Home Builders Co.

The lawsuits will seek compensation for affected RTM owners. Anyone is welcome to join the Ready-To-Move houses class action info list.


Please note, joining our contact list for the Canadian Standards Association/Standards Council of Canada Class Action creates no financial obligation for you and your information will be kept confidential. (If you have previously joined our contact list for this class action and your address or other contact information has changed, you may update your contact information on our list by completing the form below.)

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