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Mercedes-Benz HVAC Class Action

The defective Mercedes Heating, Ventilation, and air condition systems.


All Mercedes C, CLS, E, GL, GLS, GLA, M, GLE, GLK and GLC Class vehicles seem to be equipped with defective heating, ventilation, and air condition (“HVAC”) systems designed and sold by Mercedes Benz.

Many Mercedes Car users complained to Mercedes about the HVAC defect, but solutions are temporary, such as the replacement of the cabin air filter or flushing the HVAC system by applying various cleaners.

The HVAC systems appear to have a serious design defect that causes the system to accumulate mold and mildew residue growth within the HVAC system and emit a   moldy and mildewy odor that permeates the vehicle cabin when the HVAC is activated.

Many users complained about health issues, expensive repairs, and prolonged odor in the vehicle.

In many vehicles, customers reported that after replacing filters and flushing the problem of bad odor resurfaces within weeks.


Mercedes failed to disclose the issue and known Defect.

Within Merchant Law we seek to recover for owners and believe we can establish that Mercedes possessed knowledge of the foregoing issue and intentionally concealed it from the customers.

Mercedes made incomplete representations about the quality, safety and reliability of the vehicles and fraudulently concealed the HVAC defect design.

Mercedes disseminated through advertising and marketing about the reliability and comfort of the vehicle that is untrue or misleading, and that was known.  

The odor requires flushing, which greatly deprecates the value of the vehicle’s HVAC system. Defect and quality issues seriously undermine the value of the vehicles.

People who own or leased the above-mentioned vehicle may be at risk of health issues and bad odors and may be eligible for compensation.

A similar Class Action was filed in the U.S., which was recently Settled, affecting more than 2.5 million vehicles.


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