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Class Action on Behalf of the Families of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women

Hold the RCMP accountable for its alleged failures to reasonably and appropriately investigate the disappearances and deaths of thousands of Indigenous women.
Call: (306) 653-7756
The RCMP's systemic negligence has gone on long enough.

We have proposed, and been certified for, a $600-million class action lawsuit.

The impacts of colonialism on policing in Canada cannot be overstated. The lack of care, attention, and effort the RCMP has put into finding solving crimes on behalf of Indigenous women is unacceptable.

So far the government has not taken any action to right these wrongs.

If you are an Indigenous person with a missing or murdered loved one, stand up and be counted. Add your name to our class action list today.



How can I join the MMIW class action?

Call our office or fill out the contact form below. We may contact you to ask some questions to ensure you're a qualifying member of the class.

We will keep you updated on the status of the case.

Should our class action be successful we will send you your portion of the funds from this case. A successful class action will either end in the RCMP agreeing to a settlement or as a result of a litigation victory in court.


How do class action lawsuits work?

In a class action lawsuit, people who share similar grievances against the same major entity band together to bring all of their claims at once. This sends a clear message and often creates much larger punitive amounts, as well as the ability to ask the judge to order these organizations to make a change.

This suit may be a way forward towards encouraging RCMP to do better for our mothers, sisters, and daughters in the future by putting an end to discriminatory policing practices.


Why Merchant Law?

Work with the firm that successfully sued the federal government for $1.9 billion dollars in the Indian Residential Schools Class Action. Merchant Law is also the firm who is currently pursuing justice in the 60's Scoop Class Action. We have a long track record successful cases and defending the rights of Indigenous individuals in Canada.

Merchant Law Founder Anthony Merchant, Q.C., has been awarded Eagle Feathers by First Nations in recognition of his work on behalf of First Nations and residential school victims, and in 2008 was made an Honorary Chief in a War Bonnet Adoption as a member of the Black Foot Confederacy, name Aah-pah su-oy, Flanking Warrior.

Join forces with the law firm with a proven history of fighting for Indigenous, Metis, and Inuit people. We won't stop until you get justice.


Join this class action by calling (306) 653-7756 today, or fill out the form below.


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