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Navistar MaxxForce Engine Class Action

FEBRUARY 20, 2024

A Settlement Has Been Approved by the Court and the Claims Process is Now Open

The Claims Period Is Now Open

The deadline to submit your individual Claim Form is August 19, 2024

To submit a Claim Form click here.

A class action settlement has been approved by the Court regarding Navistar Canada ULC, Navistar Inc., Navistar International Corporation and Harbour International Trucks Ltd. (the “Defendants”). The Defendants have agreed to a settlement valued at $14,500,000.

The Supreme Court of British Columbia approved the settlement and the payment of Class Counsels’ legal fees and other related costs on November 30, 2023. A copy of the Court’s orders, the settlement agreement, and the notices of settlement approval can be found below.


Who Is Included in the Settlement?

Eligible Class Members are all persons and entities in Canada, excluding Québec, who on or before February 24, 2022, purchased or leased [for more than 30 days] one or more 2011-2014 model year Navistar vehicles equipped with a MaxxForce 11-,13-, or 15-litre engine. These Navistar vehicles includes the following truck brands: “PAYSTAR”, “WORKSTAR”, “TRANSTAR”, “9900i”, “LONESTAR”, and “PROSTAR”.


How to Participate in the Settlement

Eligible Class Members will need to file a claim form in order to participate in the settlement.

You can file a claim now through the settlement website, or file a paper claim form by contacting the Court-appointed Claims Administrator at the contact information below.

The claims period will run until August 19, 2024. Claims filed after the deadline will not be approved, nor be eligible for compensation.

For more information, please visit the settlement website or contact the Claims Administrator (RicePoint, see below).

For all other case-related information, please visit the FAQ page on the dedicated settlement website.


All Inquiries Relating to the Claim Form and Claims Process Should be Directed to:

Claims Administrator | RicePoint Administration Inc.






Navistar Class Action
c/o RicePoint Administration Inc
P.O. Box 3355
London, ON N6A 4K3


Relevant Court Documents

Settlement Agreement

Settlement Approval Order

Notice Approval Order



Class Notice – Short Form Notice of Settlement Approval (EN)

Class Notice – Long Form Notice of Settlement Approval (EN)



Class Notice – Short Form Notice of Settlement Approval (Punjabi)

Class Notice – Long Form Notice of Settlement Approval (Punjabi)

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