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Oil Workers Unpaid Overtime Class Action

Oil workers unpaid overtime

BP, CN Resources, Conoco Phillips, Crescent Point,

Ovintiv, Serafina, Shell, Teine, Vermilion, Whitecap Resources


To Contract Associates of these oil companies and others


Merchant Law believes you have a strong case to recover overtime and other benefits: You are employees dressed up like contractors so your employer can avoid its statutory obligations to you.  This problem is endemic in the oil industry.

People on contract in the oil industry should contact Merchant Law in complete secrecy from your employer and without obligation to investigate litigation over an overtime claim which, for most individuals may involve recovery of tens of thousands or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Numerous so-called contractors are, in the current view of Merchant Law, actually employees entitled to overtime compensation and other employee benefits denied to them by the pretense through contract that these individuals are contract associates.  For information without obligation and on a completely confidential basis, email Tony Merchant at, call Tony Merchant at 1-888-567-7777, or visit  our website


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