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Ticketmaster Class Action

Merchant Law Group LLP has launched class action litigation in Canada against Ticketmaster and its parent company, Live Nation, for allegedly misleading and overcharging consumers on the prices for concerts, sports and other entertainment tickets.  The litigation seeks compensation for affected Canadians who purchased tickets through Ticketmaster’s website and other platforms.

Merchant Law Group LLP poursuite un recours collectif devant la Cour supérieure du Quebec contre Ticketmaster et Live Nation, Le recours collectif demande la compensation financière pour tous Canadiens touchés des violations par Ticketmaster [au sujet des revendeurs de billets sur leur marché secondaire].  S’il vous plaît noter que joindre notre liste de contacts pour le recours collectif Ticketmaster ne crée aucune obligation financière pour vous [et vos informations resteront confidentielles].

These class actions allege that Ticketmaster encourages mass purchasing of event tickets by resellers/scalpers and that Ticketmaster has developed a specific electronic platform “Trade Desk” to assist and encourage mass purchasing by professional scalpers, to allow reselling of tickets en masse, including through the Ticketmaster platforms. Ticketmaster profits from the resale of tickets by adding extra fees to the resale, in addition to the fees that Ticketmaster adds to the primary sale.

The class action alleges that Ticketmaster’s practices violates the Competition Act and provincial consumer protection legislation.

This Canada-wide class action has been launched on behalf of a putative class consisting of all persons, corporations or other entities who purchased tickets subject to inflated prices due to deceptive secondary market reselling, drip pricing, and similar anti-competitive practices, through Ticketmaster’s website during the proposed “Class Period”.

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