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Business Interruption Insurance Class Action

Was your business interruption insurance claim denied during the Covid-19 pandemic? 

You paid your premiums. They promised the moon. And when you needed them, they weren’t there. You and your business suffered. Now it’s your turn to strike back. 

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Thousands of Canadian businesses lost millions of dollars when their insurance companies failed to live up to their promises.  Talk to us if you were insured by any of the following companies:

  • Aviva
  • Co-Operators Insurance
  • Desjardins
  • Economical Insurance
  • Federated Insurance
  • Intact
  • Lloyd’s Northbridge
  • Royal & Sun Alliance
  • SGI Canada
  • Travelers Canada
  • Wawanesa Mutual
  • Wynward Insurance Group

If your claim was denied then you have a chance to strike back. They breached their contracts with you, and this means you can hold them accountable. They’ve been negligent by denying coverage, in some cases, before claims have even been made. They’ve failed in their duty to pay claims in good faith.


My insurer invoked force majeure to deny my claim. Can I still join this lawsuit?

Yes. Covid-19 was a foreseeable event, just like SARS, MERS, and Avian flu, all of which also caused business interruptions. The insurance industry is balking because their liability is larger than they were prepared to accept. This does not justify a refusal to pay.  Your business was interrupted. Period. You have the right to expect your insurance company will live up to its obligations whether they want to or not.  The insurance industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Claims that these companies just can’t manage to pay what they owe are spurious.


What damages are being sought in this class action case?

We are seeking compensation for business wonders who have:

  • Lost revenue caused by a decrease or elimination of customers after social distancing advisories.
  • Lost revenue as a result of federal, provincial, and municipal orders that restricted operations or shuttered businesses entirely.
  • Lost revenue caused by addressing the physical damage to business premises due to the presence, release, discharge, or contamination of Covid-19 at the premises.

While a class action suit means that you will not receive the same dollar amount you would have lost, you will receive more than you’re receiving now. Furthermore, should our case be successful we will set a precedent that will secure future claim payments the next time a major event interrupts the normal course of company operations.


My policy excludes airborne viruses. Can I still join the class?

Absolutely. Covid-19 can be transferred via handrails, doors, keyboards, and counters. The virus should be treated as if it is part of BI property damage coverage. They are property-restricted claims.  In addition, many policies don’t exclude pandemic viruses and therefore should pay the claims as expected.


How do I join this class action lawsuit?

Call our office or fill out the form below. You do not have to pay legal fees. You will not have to testify in court, attend depositions, or provide evidence. The representative client is JKT Holdings, Ltd., DBA Regina Restaurant Memories.  Should our case be successful, we will mail you the check for your portion of the damages.


Why Merchant Law?

Our attorneys have won billions of dollars for our clients. We’ve headed the charge on some of Canada’s most famous class actions.  Our founder, Tony Merchant, Q.C., is known for being one of Canada’s toughest litigators. Nearly 600 of his successful cases have been reported on in prestigious legal journals over his decades of service. Our attorneys have argued thousands of cases before the Canadian courts, in Trial and Administrative Court, in the Courts of Appeal, in the Federal Court of Canada, and in the Supreme Court of Canada. Mr. Merchant has a long history of pursuing public policy cases and is a former Member of the Legislative Assembly (M.L.A.). You can trust us to fight this case to its fullest, and to get justice for you and your company.


Join this class action by calling (306) 653-7756 today, or fill out the form below.


Version Français

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) a fait subir à de nombreuses entreprises canadiennes des pertes catastrophiques. Les entreprises partout au Canada, y compris les hôtels, les restaurants, les bars, les magasins, les salons de beauté et les fournisseurs de services, ont vu leurs revenus plonger. Malheureusement, les entreprises qui offrent une assurance contre les interruptions d’activité ont manqué à leurs obligations et refusent d’honorer la protection contre les interruptions d’activités. L’assurance interruption d’activité permet au propriétaire d’une entreprise de percevoir les revenus que l’entreprise aurait générés en raison d’une interruption de l’entreprise. Par exemple, l’assurance interruption d’affaires peut inclure:

  • Perte de revenus causée par une diminution ou une élimination des activités en raison des avis de distanciation sociale;
  • Perte de revenus causée par des ordonnances fédérales, provinciales et municipales qui restreignent les opérations ou entraînent la fermeture d’une entreprise;
  • Perte de revenus causée par des dommages physiques aux locaux commerciaux dus à la contamination par Covid-19.

Merchant Law Group LLP a lancé une action collective à l’échelle du Canada devant les tribunaux canadiens au nom des propriétaires d’entreprises canadiennes et de certains professionnels indépendants qui se voient refuser une assurance contre les interruptions d’activité dû à la COVID-19 par les assureurs suivants: Aviva, Co- Operators Insurance, Desjardins, Economical Insurance, Federated Insurance, Intact, Lloyd’s, Northbridge, Royal & Sun Alliance, SGI Canada, Travellers Canada, Wawanesa Mutual Insurance et Wynward Insurance Group. Si vous êtes propriétaire d’une entreprise dans la province de Québec et que vous pensez que votre entreprise pourrait être affectée et que vous souhaitez déposer une réclamation, veuillez appeler notre bureau de Montréal au 514.248.7777. Veuillez noter qu’en vous joignant à notre liste de contacts pour l’action collective d’assurance contre les interruptions d’activités, vous n’aurez aucune obligation financière et vos informations resteront confidentielles. (Si vous avez déjà rejoint notre liste de contacts pour cette action collective et que votre adresse ou d’autres informations de contact ont changé, vous pouvez mettre à jour vos informations de contact sur notre liste en remplissant le formulaire ci-dessous.) Si vous êtes propriétaire d’une entreprise dans la province de Québec et que vous pensez que votre entreprise pourrait être affectée et que vous souhaitez déposer une réclamation, veuillez appeler notre bureau de Montréal au 514.248.7777.


    Please note: The information provided on this website is Not Legal Advice. The information may or may not be accurate. The information is for discussion purposes only. Reliance upon any information provided would not be grounds to advance a claim against Merchant Law for providing any advice. In order to get a formal legal opinion upon which you may rely about any specific fact scenario, you would have to first retain the services of a lawyer and request a formal legal opinion.