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    One of the most devastating parts of any personal injury case is the long-term impact injuries can have on your life. In many cases, accidents and injuries can require months off of work while you recover.

    In some cases, you never recover well enough to pursue your career again, or to work at all.

    Alberta law allows for the recovery both of lost earnings and of lost earning capacity in personal injury cases. This does not mean it is easy to get the money that’s owed to you. The responsible party’s insurance company will fight tooth and nail to make the case that your earnings capacity was lower than it was.

    If they can’t prove your earnings capacity isn’t lower than it was then they will try to make the case that you can get much more lucrative work than you actually can get. You’re asked to mitigate your loss by trying to find some sort of work that you can do. Arguing your future ability now, versus what it would have been, is harder than most people realize.


    How Merchant Law Can Help

    You need experienced lawyers who can prove your injuries will impair your earning capacity vis a vis your past occupation, as well as limit your occupational options. The courts test for a “real and substantial possibility” of losses.

    When your loss of capacity is severe enough to make a good case for this award, our team will help you demonstrate:

    You’re less capable, overall, of earning income from any type of employment.
    You’re less marketable to employers.
    You can’t take advantage of the same job opportunities that would have been open to you had you not been injured.
    You’re less valuable to yourself as a person capable of earning income in competitive labor.

    The value of these awards can vary, but in some cases they can carry you through many years of lost employment while you get trained for a new profession or conduct a job search.

    One thing we do for our clients is we hire forensic economists who can testify as to the career paths which would have lain open to you prior to your accident and the career paths which now lay open to you as a result of your injuries. These professionals can also show the impact your disability could have on future earnings even if you can remain in your current profession in some limited capacity.

    We’re able to help people in all professions, including physicians, farmers, laborers, tradesmen, teachers, self-employed individuals, and more. We will fight hard for you so you have the money to get back on your feet.


    Why Merchant Law?

    Working with us is risk-free. We don’t get paid unless you get paid, and statistically you will walk away with far more money if you work with us than if you try to make a case for receiving loss of earning capacity monies on your own.

    We’re some of Canada’s toughest litigators and have a long track record of helping injury victims get the money they deserve.

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