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Hunting Accident Injury Cases in Alberta

If you’re like most Albertans, you love our gorgeous natural environment. Yet whether you’re a hunter or not, there are plenty of hunters out there. The Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association notes that over 150,000 people hold a hunting license in Alberta.

Roughly 14 or 15 hunting-related incidents were reported to Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement during the 2019 to 2020 season. Six were firearm related, three were tree-stand or fall-related, and five were wildlife-related.

If you have been injured in a hunting accident, you have recourse. You are entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering. If your loved one gets killed in a hunting accident, you may have grounds for a wrongful death suit.


Which insurance policy pays for hunting accidents and injuries?

Three insurance policies can provide coverage for hunting accidents. While hunters are not legally required to obtain insurance, there’s a good chance one of three policies will exist.

The first is personal liability insurance. This policy provides coverage for any bodily injury or property damage that a hunter may cause.

In Alberta, you may also purchase a hunting outfitter liability insurance policy. This policy covers any damage a hunting outfitter or guide might cause during a hunting trip.

Finally, in some situations we can make a claim against a landowner liability insurance policy. This type of insurance can provide coverage for bodily injury and property damage that hunters are causing while on someone else’s property.

If the hunter does not have insurance, it may be possible to sue that hunter for their assets. If the accident occurred on private land, you might also be able to file a claim against the landowner if landowner negligence contributed to the accident.

For example, landowners who know unsafe hunting practices are taking place on their property are required to take steps to either stop those practices, or ensure the safety of the hunting taking place on their land.

If the injury took place on public land, you may even be able to file a claim with the Alberta’s Compensation for Victims of Crime program.

Your Alberta personal injury attorney can help you determine whether it is worthwhile to press forward with a claim. If you can’t find a viable party to sue, it may be more appropriate to make a claim against one of your own insurance policies. Sometimes home, auto, or health coverage can help you cover your injuries, though much will depend on how those policies have been written.


Get Help from a Skilled Alberta Hunting Accident Lawyer

All hunting accident cases are complex. If you want to file a claim, you’ll need to move quickly, and you’ll need help holding the responsible party accountable.

Contact the experienced attorneys at Merchant Law to get started today. Many of our attorneys have two to three decades of experience with hunting accident cases. Our team is known four our savvy negotiating skills and our hard-nosed litigation strategies.

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