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4 Things You Need to Know About Motorcycle Cases in Calgary, AB

Motorcycle accident cases don’t necessarily play out the same way car accident cases do. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident there are some special considerations you’re going to have to take into account as you contemplate your next steps. Here are four things you need to know about getting into a motorcycle accident.…

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Personal Injury 101 for Calgary Delivery Drivers

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a lot of opportunity for delivery drivers. Food, grocery, and package delivery can offer a lucrative source of income, but they do put you at greater risk for an accident. Here’s what you need to know about getting into accidents while you’re a delivery driver.   You need to check…

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How Do Punitive Damages Work in a Calgary Personal Injury Case?

Punitive damages go under a lot of names. You may also hear them referred to as exemplary damages, vindictive damages, or retributory damages. These damages are set aside for acts above and beyond mere negligence. For example, in a car accident they might be levied for a driver who was driving intoxicated, or engaging in…

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What Counts as Distracted Driving in Calgary, Alberta?

Alberta recently tightened up its distracted driving laws. If you don’t know the new ones you could end up with a ticket…or, worse, find yourself being held at-fault during a personal injury case because you broke the law. Breaking laws while driving can even open you up to punitive damages. Of course, most people also…

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Tips for a Safe Summer Road Trip in Alberta

The road calls as more and more Albertans get vaccinated and as warm summer weather beckons. Yet that means there is a potential for car accidents. The team at Merchant Law wants you to be safe this summer. While we’re happy to help you win your personal injury case we’d just as soon you stay…

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Personal Injury 101 for Uber Drivers in Calgary, Alberta

If you are an Uber driver that has gotten into an accident then you might have a lot of concerns about what happens next. After all, you already know you’re not considered an employee, which means you won’t be getting workers compensation. You may even worry that you’re more likely to be found at-fault for…

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How do Weather Conditions Impact Your Calgary Personal Injury Case?

Ice, snow, and thunderstorms can have an impact on a personal injury case. In many cases, they will complicate your claim, ensuring you need an even stronger legal team to help you pursue a settlement. This is because personal injury cases don’t compensate you because you got hurt. They compensate you because someone acted in…

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How Much Does Adultery Impact Divorce in Alberta?

Your spouse cheated. It’s natural to assume that in a fair and just world, they’d walk out of the divorce process somehow worse off than you will. In reality, adultery has a smaller impact on divorce than you might imagine. It’s important to recognize that fact and account for it.   As a Grounds For…

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