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What is Contributory Negligence in a Calgary Car Accident?

All Canadian provinces have a contributive negligence clause, and Alberta is no exception. Contributory negligence allows multiple parties in an accident or injury case to share liability. Many clients are surprised to learn that they themselves may be apportioned a percentage of negligence, even if they are the sole injured victim.   Contributing to Negligence:…

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What is a Failure to Mitigate Loss in a Calgary Personal Injury Case?

When you get injured after another person acts negligently, they have a duty to compensate you for those losses. Yet you have duties, too, even after you get hurt. Your primary duty is loss mitigation. That is, you must take reasonable steps to minimize the costs of your injuries, from the amount of medical treatment…

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Can Creditors Take My Calgary Personal Injury Settlement?

The province of Alberta has taken steps to protect personal injury victims from creditors. While your personal injury settlement isn’t 100% safe, Alberta law gives you breathing room that doesn’t exist in other places, such as the United States.   Creditors May Not Create Liens In Alberta, creditors may not create a lien against a…

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How to Hire and Work with an Alberta Personal Injury Lawyer

You probably know you are entitled to compensation after an accident. When another party is negligent, Alberta law allows you to recover funds for medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering. If your attempt to recover these funds is to be successful, you will need help from an experienced personal injury attorney. Here’s how to…

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When is the Best Time to Hire a Calgary Personal Injury Lawyer

Many people wait far too long before hiring a personal injury attorney. Some even wait until their two-year limitations period has run out. Many misconceptions exist about when you can hire a lawyer and when you should. For example, some people believe you must reach maximum medical improvement before hiring a lawyer or that they…

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How to Choose the Right Car Accident Insurance Policy in Alberta, CA

In practical terms, a personal injury victim can only recover a limited amount of money. The at-fault policyholder’s liability limits cap those limits. While the driver is responsible for any funds their insurance company doesn’t cover, collecting anything more from them is usually functionally impossible. When purchasing a policy, you need to plan for two…

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Boating Accidents in Alberta

Operating a boat? You have the same duty of care to other people and watercraft you’d have while driving a car in Alberta. Your first duty is always to take whatever actions you can take to avoid causing accidents and injuries. If someone else’s irresponsible boat behavior harms you in some way, you have the…

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Hunting Accident Injury Cases in Alberta

If you’re like most Albertans, you love our gorgeous natural environment. Yet whether you’re a hunter or not, there are plenty of hunters out there. The Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association notes that over 150,000 people hold a hunting license in Alberta. Roughly 14 or 15 hunting-related incidents were reported to Alberta Fish and Wildlife…

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