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Medicine Hat Car Accident Lawyer


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    Have you or a loved one been injured in a major car accident?

    If your injuries required an ambulance or sent you to the ER, there’s a good chance that you’ll need a personal injury lawyer to help you recover compensation.

    If the other driver was at-fault, we can help. Here at Merchant Law, we are the law firm that leads the way for personal injury patients. We hold negligent parties accountable. We take insurance companies to task.

    When you hire us to represent you after your car accident, you tell insurance companies that you mean business.

    We can even file your claim for you so you never have to deal with a single claims agent or insurance adjuster. Calling us in quickly strengthens your case by shielding you from common insurance company tricks. It also allows us to begin gathering evidence quickly.

    We can help even if the at-fault driver wasn’t insured. It’s possible to sue Alberta itself to get compensation for your injuries. But you must act fast.


    Time is of the Essence

    All personal injury claims in Medicine Hat, AB are governed by a strict two-year limitation period. If you don’t file your claim on time then you will be unable to recover compensation in most cases.

    It is a mistake to delay. Insurance companies will tell you that it’s too early to call a lawyer. We tell you it’s never too early to call a lawyer, and those who call us close to the two year limit often walk away with less compensation. Evidence dries up, mistakes have often already been made, and it becomes harder to build your case.

    We work hard to gather all of the evidence that might matter to your case. We don’t stop with police reports and witness statements. We employ accident reconstructionists to help us get the facts. We subpoena video evidence and physical evidence to make sure nothing is missed. We work with a network of incredible expert witnesses to make sure you get the help you deserve.

    Our lawyers will ensure you get a full, thorough evaluation of your injuries. We want to make sure that nothing gets overlooked. We make sure you get the full regimen of treatment that you ought to receive. This increases the value of your case and gives you a chance to regain more strength after your accident.

    We also help you with your own insurance company. Every Alberta driver is entitled to Section B benefits from their own insurance providers. While Section B benefits are rarely large enough to cover a catastrophic case they can help give you a firm head start on getting reimbursement for accident-related expenses.

    Give your case its best chance of success. Contact the team at Merchant Law to schedule a case review today.


    Let Us Handle the Insurance Company

    It’s fine to speak to your own insurance company, though we can handle that for you too.

    But you should never speak to the other driver’s insurance company.

    The insurance adjuster for that driver has one goal, and one goal only: settling your claim for as little as possible. When you try to negotiate with them they’ll employ every trick in the book to lower the value of your claim.

    They do this day in, day out.

    Fortunately, so do we.

    We know their tricks and we know the law. We know how best to protect your legal interests.

    Your chances of getting a fair settlement increase exponentially from the moment you involve one of our Medicine Hat, AB car accident lawyers.

    We’re savvy negotiators and tough litigators. We’ll be happy to try to negotiate a fair settlement out of court, but we’re 100% prepared to fight if the insurance company forces your case to trial.

    They are not on your side. They are on the side of their shareholders. An adjuster’s raises and promotions are in fact contingent on their ability to settle claims for less than they’re worth.

    Every case is different, but it’s very typical for our lawyers to help our clients obtain four to five times more compensation than they ever would have gotten on their own.


    Why Choose Merchant Law?

    “I had a very difficult time after I got a fuzed shoulder. I was a passenger in a side-swipe car accident after a Flames game. We were too many in the car and I did not have a seatbelt, and alcohol was involved on the part of the drivers of both cars as well as slippery ice conditions. Apart from being sympathetic, they have been quite helpful with treatment after injury, physio, chiro, the works. The most significant thing is that they guided me through all the steps. And the case settled for a reasonable and fair amount for this permanent disability.” -Claire Divas

    We don’t just take the easy cases.

    We take the messy cases. We take the cases where there might not be a lot of sympathy for the injured. We take cases that less experienced lawyers would run away from.

    We are responsive and caring and are focused on getting you the best possible results for your case. We act fast. We advocate for you with doctors, insurance companies, and anyone else we need to take on in order to get you as much compensation as possible.

    We have a reputation for being some of Canada’s toughest litigators and savviest negotiators. Alberta knows our name, because we’ve helped our clients recover billions of dollars.

    We have experience litigating catastrophic injury cases. If you lost consciousness, had a concussion, are facing a severe TBI, have spinal injuries that have forever altered your mobility, are dealing with burns, fractures, amputations, or scarring, we can help. We explore every available avenue for compensation, find every responsible party, and work with every necessary expert to make sure that you receive every penny you deserve.

    Contact our Medicine Hat, AB offices to get help today.

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