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Mandarin Chinese Real Estate Lawyer Langley


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    Are you a Chinese Canadian taking advantage of Langley’s hot real estate market?

    If so, you will need legal help. Langley is a highly competitive, high-stakes real estate market caught up in a network of ever-shifting laws and regulations. If you want to protect your interests, you’ll need an experienced lawyer who understands what you’re up against.

    That’s where Ms. Lu comes in. Sunny Lu is a highly skilled real estate lawyer who speaks Mandarin Chinese. If you prefer to conduct business in Chinese you’ll be able to do so, ensuring that you fully understand the implications of any decision and and always know exactly what is going on with your property. Ms. Lu can help you reduce liability and protect your investments.

    Navigating Legal Restrictions on Chinese Investors

    Langley presents many challenges for Chinese investors. There is a foreign buyer’s tax to be aware of, as well as multiple legal restrictions that will have to be carefully navigated in order for you to purchase any property within the city limits.

    Fortunately Ms. Lu is well versed in all of these regulations, and can help ensure your next purchase or sale is an advantageous one. There may even be ways to help you avoid these taxes, such as creating a transaction that’s exempt from the property transfer tax, becoming a confirmed BC provincial nominee, or acquiring a property on behalf of a Canadian-controlled limited partnership.

    Some of these maneuvers cross over into immigration and business law. Fortunately, Ms. Lu practices in both of these areas as well, and has the expertise to help you craft sophisticated legal solutions to these challenges.

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    Buying and Selling Property in Langley, BC

    Every buyer or seller in British Columbia needs a real estate lawyer by their side. These complex legal transactions require complex negotiations and an understanding of the law. They can easily give rise to lawsuits and disputes if every aspect of the transaction is not handled carefully.

    Ms. Lu can help you protect yourself. She can help you negotiate the most favorable terms for your buy/sell contract. She can ensure the proper contingencies, representations, and warranties are baked into your contract, and can conduct due diligence on your behalf to ensure the property you are targeting will be a good investment for you.

    She can help you navigate any disputes that arise, whether it’s an issue of a seller who misrepresents the condition of the property, an issue of land rights, a clouded title, or any other problem that can arise at any other point during the buying or selling process.

    Landlord and Tenant Disputes in Langley, BC

    Making a profit on your investment properties by taking on tenants? Disputes arise, regardless of whether you are dealing primarily with residential tenants or commercial tenants. Leases carry obligations, and sometimes one party does not meet them.

    Legal issues surrounding leases can reduce your bottom line. Let Ms. Lu protect your interests. She can process evictions, pursue damages for lease violations, help you negotiate commercial lease contracts, and more. She can also help you understand what your responsibilities and rights are should you pursue residential real estate.

    Langley Zoning and Development

    If you want to develop property here in Langley you need to be prepared to deal with a complex web of zoning laws and environmental regulations. You’ll also be entering into contracts with multiple parties, from construction contractors to architects, and quite a bit can go wrong.

    Ms. Lu can ensure that you can navigate these issues with grace and ease. She’ll stay on top of the situation, will consult regularly with you to get your opinion, and is ready to fight for you in the event that development problems transform into issues requiring the use of litigation.

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    Inheriting Property in Langley, BC

    Inherited property can certainly be a blessing, but it can also create a variety of issues. Will you co-own the property with your siblings? Will the inheritance launch will and trust litigation, or partition litigation?

    Ms. Lu has a grounding in estate law as well as real estate law, and can help you navigate these complex issues. The vast value of Langley real estate means these cases are intense, but she has the skills and the expertise to help you defend your interests.

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    Real Estate Litigation in Langley, BC

    Real estate lawsuits are common. Ms. Lu helps with condo suits, foreclosure defence, liens, title problems, breach of contract cases, construction cases, misrepresentation cases, partition suits, zoning disputes, and more.

    The Langley market is extremely competitive. Challenges arise frequently. You’ll need help from a savvy negotiator and top-notch litigator. Entering into a lawsuit is a probability, not a possibility.

    Ms. Lu will help you structure your real estate holdings in a way that leaves you ready to defend against any litigation that might arise. When a matter does go to litigation, she will work tirelessly to ensure that your case is brought to the best possible outcome.

    Your Langley, BC Real Estate Expert

    Ms. Lu serves her clients from a breadth of experience that is hard to duplicate. Where else can you find a Mandarin speaker who handles all of the types of law that might intersect with your real estate goals? She works with business law and immigration law in addition to real estate law, and this helps her craft sophisticated solutions to complex legal problems.

    Make Ms. Lu a member of your real estate business team. Call (604) 609-7777 and ask for her by name, or ask for the lawyer who speaks Mandarin. Ms. Lu is one of British Columbia’s savviest litigators and toughest negotiators, and she is ready to help!

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