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Kelowna Pedestrian Accident Lawyer


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    You would think that a pedestrian accident case would be open-and-shut. You weren’t driving. Someone who was driving struck you. Shouldn’t ICBC pay?


    While you are eligible to make an ICBC injury claim there’s no guarantee you’ll automatically win. In fact, ICBC has often been successful at placing the blame on the pedestrian. If they can claim you were at fault they can get away with a much smaller payout.


    This smaller amount is rarely enough to compensate a pedestrian for the life-altering injuries they usually sustain in these accidents. You might need years of follow-up care. You’ve incurred a great deal of pain and suffering. You may miss work, or lose your ability to work altogether.


    Let us help you win your pedestrian accident case. 


    Pedestrian Cases Are Complex


    The first complication is that the victim is usually in no condition to help their own case after the accident.


    When two cars get into an accident we advise the drivers to exchange information, to take pictures, and to watch what they say. In a pedestrian case the victim is often unconscious and can do none of these things. The defense gets a head start on preparing their case and spinning their narrative. 


    This means you need tough lawyers who will gather evidence that you were following the law at the time of the accident and that the driver was the negligent party. We will dig deep to discover the truth of the accident and work hard to present your best case in the best possible light. 


    Wrongful Death Pedestrian Cases


    The Family Compensation Act allows parents, spouses, and children of a killed pedestrian to recover damages against a negligent driver. Yet the amount of compensation may vary wildly depending on the quality of your representation. 


    Let us fight your case for you. Most families need wrongful death monies to cover funeral expenses, as well as loss of income and services from the deceased family member. In addition, some pedestrians receive medical care for a few days before ultimately dying in the hospital. You will need compensation to cover those expenses as well.


    Don’t let the limitation period run out. Contact us as soon as your loved one dies.  


    Why Merchant Law? 


    We’re known as some of Canada’s toughest litigators. When you work with us you’re telling ICBC to take you seriously.


    We handle every aspect of your claim, preventing you from making mistakes which could minimize or undermine your recovery efforts. Our team of experts and investigators works hard to present the best case.


    Calling us is risk-free. We work on contingency, which means you don’t pay us until your money comes in. We typically get much larger sums for our clients then they could get on their own, even after our fees are accounted for. Our long track record of success means you can rest easy knowing you’ll be taken care of.


    Get started by calling (250) 487-7777, or by visiting our Kelowna office at 201-347 Leon Avenue.

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