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Kelowna Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer


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    There’s no such thing as a minor spinal injury. Many of our clients have had life-changing accidents that have resulted in quadriplegia or paraplegia. Those who can still walk continue to suffer from other impairments, including chronic pain.


    Spinal injuries are expensive. Treating them requires years of follow-up care that Medicare doesn’t cover. They can make it impossible to work. You need money to cover these financial problems.


    If you were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence that’s money you’re entitled to under British Columbia law. Yet the insurance company who owes that money (most often ICBC) will look for every excuse to pay you as little as possible. 


    At-Fault vs. Not-at-Fault


    If you are at-fault for the accident ICBC gives you limited disability, medical, and wage loss coverage.


    If you’re not at-fault you can be compensated for pain and suffering, loss of earning capacity, and the full extent of your medical costs. 


    That’s why the defendant works so hard to pin the blame on you. It really is far less expensive for ICBC, especially if the defendant sustained fewer injuries or less severe injuries than you did. In cases where spinal injuries happen this is very common.


    The Complexities of Spinal Injury Cases


    One of the major things that complicates spinal injury cases is that plaintiffs are rarely in a position to help themselves directly after the accident.


    Plaintiffs are often unconscious directly after the accident, or in too much pain to act. This means they rarely get contact information from witnesses, insurance information from the other driver, or photographs. The defense gets a head start in preparing their case while the plaintiff is still receiving extensive medical care.


    Here at Merchant Law we’re experienced at working around these limitations. We have experts who can investigate and reconstruct the facts of the case. This allows us to fight hard for you.


    We look for every witness and every responsible party. We hire expert witnesses on your behalf. We fight to make sure the defense’s narrative isn’t the only one out there.


    You won’t have to worry about making mistakes. We’ll deal with the insurance company for you. Talk to us before they try to talk to you.


    Why Merchant Law? 


    It’s hard to overstate our track record. We have a long history of helping injury victims just like you.


    We’re tough litigators and hard-nosed negotiators with a reputation for getting the job done. Hiring us tells the defendant that you mean business, because Merchant Law is known across Canada for getting justice for clients.


    Like all personal injury lawyers our team works on contingency. This means we don’t get paid unless we negotiate a suitable settlement or help you prevail in court. Calling us is absolutely risk-free. Our clients typically get far more money with our help than they’d have gotten on their own, even after one accounts for our fees.


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