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Leduc, AB Divorce Lawyer


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    Is your marriage coming to an end? If so, you’re going to need help from a local divorce lawyer. Divorce law is complicated, and mistakes can have lifelong consequences.

    The experienced team at Merchant Law is here to help. We can help you negotiate a settlement you can live with, or fight your divorce out in court when necessary. Our team has helped thousands of Albertans go through the divorce process.

    Division of Assets in Leduc, AB

    There is nothing straightforward about dividing marital assets. Each spouse has the right to 50% of marital property. Marital property is any property accumulated after the date of the marriage.

    This is not as simple as selling everything and writing a check so that you can split it down the middle. Some assets get devalued if they’re handled a certain way. Thus it can take creative settlement solutions to create an equitable settlement.

    Our team has helped with the complex issues of property division, business ownership, ranches and farms, intellectual property, and more. When property is complicated, we develop sophisticated solutions that you can live with.

    Child Support, Custody, and Visitation in Leduc, AB

    If you have minor children your custody agreement must include a child support arrangement in accordance with Canada’s Federal Child support guidelines. However, child support can be somewhat difficult to set if either spouse is self-employed, works in sales, or has variable income for some other reason. Work closely with your attorney to make sure your unique situation has adequately been addressed.

    In addition it’s important to be aware that judges prefer custody arrangements that give nearly-equal or equal time to both parents. It’s not usually realistic to imagine you’ll be able to take full custody of your child unless it can be proven that the other parent poses a danger to your child’s wellbeing.

    Spousal Support in Leduc, AB

    Spousal support can cause a lot of anger and stress. It often causes some of the greatest contention in divorce settlements.

    Spousal support amounts can depend on the length of time you’ve been married, the role each spouse played in the marriage, the differences between your income, and more. Your attorney can help determine what a reasonable spousal support arrangement will look like for you.

    Why Merchant Law?

    Our attorneys have over 20 years of experience with divorce law. We’ve handled some of Leduc’s toughest divorces, including high net worth divorces, entrepreneur divorces, farm divorces, and ranch divorces. Many of our responsive, attentive attorneys also have a background in business and real estate law, which gives us a great deal of expertise to draw from when it’s time to craft your divorce settlement.

    Call (780) 474-7777 to set an appointment with one of our expert local divorce attorneys.

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